Monday, April 20, 2015

Hablar en F

Okay, well, this week was pretty cool. I guess. I don't know. We had ups and downs and lefts and rights. Falls and get ups. Great stuff. Just kinda normal I guess. Not really anything super special, but I'm definitely going to try to get the best stuff I can in this letter.


Juana - Honestly, we don't know what to do with this lady. She just keeps telling us that she wants to talk to her son. She was supposed to do it this week, but what ended up happening was that her son got put into jail for fighting someone, and never came to visit her, and she REFUSES to get baptized unless she talks with her son. We keep telling her don't worry, she will have rides to church, but she won't do it. It's kinda hard to keep going now because she just doesn't want to do anything there... We're going to be praying a lot that her son helps her to church. She says if her son doesn't committ to taking her to church, she will not be baptized... We're scared of that.

Infro - Finally met this guy. Really cool. he's going to be baptized on Saturday. Really nice, and it appears like he's doing everthing right. I'll send the photos on Monday.

Aaron - This kid is really cool. We actually taught him once, and he was just so off. Like, he didn't even answer. We'd tell him: Faith is two parts: Belief and Action. What's faith? and he'd answer: I have no idea. It was really frustrating, but later we found out that he just had a bunch of questions about the mormons that we answered and now he's really excited to listen and go to church. We haven't talked about his baptism yet, so we're going to see what happens.

Carlos - A guy we found just a couple days ago. Really cool. We have an appointment on Tuesday, and he already told us he likes what we teach. We're going to try to get him to church this week. We just hope that we can convince him to go.


I'm just too lazy to really put stuff there but the word Stuff. Deal with it. haha

1.) Okay, well, first cool thing was what happened with our bikes. So, we were supposed to eat with this hermano that usually brought us money to pay for the food. Well, normally he just gives us 150, but this week he gave us 250. Which meant, that after eating, we each had an extra 50 pesos.

Turns out that we needed those 50 pesos, because afterwards, the next day, my back tire went flat. We went and got it replaced and guess what the price was?

50 pesos. Pretty cool.

But it doesn't stop there. The VERY next day, MY COMPANION'S tire goes flat. Guess how much it costed him to get it fixed?

25 pesos.

And to get it fixed again when the patch didn't work?

25 pesos.

Boom. That was just so cool to me. Extra 50 pesos each and it's for the bikes. So cool. haha

2.) With Juana, something really cool happened. We couldn't get her to give us the address of her son so we could visit him, because she kept saying that it was better for HER to talk to him, and not us. Well, we tried and tried and the only thing that was left was planching her. Well, we didn't want to do that, so we just kinda sat there for a second, and I prayed and said:

"Look, Heavenly Father, we just don't know how to go about this situation. Please help us out here."

I began to talk to her, and I figured out the best way to tell her to give it to us, and we got it! So it was a pretty cool little miracle there.

3.) I figured something out that was really cool that I just love now.

So, in our Zone Conference, they were talking about being consecrated missionaries, and how we needed to leave certain things behind. I felt pretty bad and I was like, man. I'm such a bad missionary. Then I started thiniking a little more and I realized something:

They aren't telling me that I have to do all of that, they're just telling me what I need to work on doing.

I recognized that even though they are telling me what I need to be, that doesn't mean that I HAVE TO BE THAT WAY to be a good missionary. I just have to TRY to be like that.

It really cleared up a lot of doubts that I had, and it helped me to understand why it was that they were talking to me about that stuff.

4.) Honestly, Juana is just such a funny little lady. To give you a good picture of what she's like, (Katie will love this.)

Just imagine Edna Mode from the Incredibles, and combine that with one of the Purple Minions from Despicable Me 2.

That's what she's like. It's just so funny. Sometimes we'll just be sitting there, and she's this little old lady just shaking a little over there, and something will happen, and she'll just blurt out a single sentence. It's just so funny. Probably not over email, but in real life, it's funny.

5.) My bike broke again, so I fixed it with elecrical tape and a screw. I took a picture so you could see my efforts. My mission has taught me well.

6.) I fell off my bike too! It was nuts.

We were headed down a hill to help someone move, and I'm trying to call someone to let them know where we are, and all of a sudden, I hit this REALLY big bump. I'm going with just one hand, so my tire just shoots off to the right and I go down.

I hit the ground pretty hard, but the good news was that it was all cement that was pretty well worn down, so it was relatively smooth. I got a good scrape on my elbow, a really good bruise on my left hip, and a nice cut on my left ankle. Everything else was just fine. After laying on the ground for about a minute, I got up, got on my bike, and helped some guy move into a new house. It was pretty cool. haha

The cut on my elbow is in the shape of a moon kinda, so I took a photo so i could always remember Elder Luna. hahaha

Okay, well, I've talked too much. I've got to get moving. Love you all. Thank you so much for your love and support. It helps me out a TON.

Keep it up!

Elder Carter

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