Monday, December 16, 2013


Well now, how about that? December's about to come to a close! What happened? I think someone just like, scrapped the first week or so, and we started on the 10th, because that's the earliest of December I can remember.

Anyway, How's everyone? I'm still working hard, and I'm having a bit of trouble, but I'm still hanging in there mas o menos.

Next, some awesome stuff that happened this week!

1.) I got my packages! It was great! One from my familia and the other from Taylor! Really kind of you guys. I'm so happy right now. And fat. I'm getting fat from that candy. Seriously.

2.) We had a gift exchange! I gave Elder Mills one of my favorite ties, a multi-color pen, and a yo-yo, and Elder Rendon gave me a Pokemon named Piplup, and a pocket watch. Pictures included here.

3.) I'm starting to learn how to talk in "Yofo". Basically, it's talking Spanish, but placing an "F" in front of all the vowels. For example, if I want to say

"Yo quiero ir al cine" (I want to go to the movies)

I would say:

"Yofo qufuifieferofo ifir afal cifinefe."

Pretty legit huh? Most people here don't use it, but teenagers sometimes do just so North Americans and other people can't understand what they say. I'd like to learn it so that I can still talk in code but in Spanish. It's really hard with words like "hablar" "entiendo" and "conocimiento".


Here's the plan. I got permission to use Google Hangout, so I'm gonna try and put everyone in a group on Gmail and invite everyone to the hangout that wants to join. But, I have to know what time, and how everything is going to work out in that aspect. So, here's what I want to do, let me know what your plans are.

10:00 AM (Tijuana Time) on the 25th of December. I have around 2 hours to talk, and I'll have a webcam, but most likely slow Mexican internet. That means from 10:00 AM Tijuana Time to 12:00 PM Tijuana Time, I'll be talking to you guys. I think that's 11:00 AM Idaho Time to 1:00 PM Idaho time, right? It's only an hour difference? I can't quite remember. Look it up for me if you can.

Also, I want to invite a lot of people to talk, so if you want to join in on the call, get in contact with my parents, and they'll try to work a lot of it out. I can't really do much on my end because I'm focused more on the work of the Lord, so they're gonna do more of the planning that I will.

Other than that, it was a pretty bummer of a week. To be honest, I was super discouraged. We've been doing our part like none other. Calling the day before, and even the day of, to confirm citas, and nothing happens. They aren't there. We call them about 2 hours before, and they tell us they will be there, and they aren't. We found 5 new investigators this week, and only 1 of them was actually home, and it's a girl that's so far lost in technology that she doesn't even want to listen to us right now. The mom is just making us teach her.

Not only that, but we've got no baptismal dates right now. We haven't been able to meet with our investigators much to place them, and when we do place them, they just don't go to church because they dont' have the motivation. I mean, I understand that there's a lot I can do, but I can only do so much. As far as I can go still isn't enough because they have agency. Like, honestly, I think if everyone just had a drive to get stuff done, we'd have baptized around 15 people by now. No joke. But almost EVERYONE is just SO LAZY. It's ridiculous sometimes!

But enough with excuses. I am not perfect, and so there's still more I can do. Excuses do nothing but waste my time and the Lord's. The most I can do still hasn't been done, so I gotta work harder.

More pictures to follow in a sec. Thanks for the support, love, and above all, the candy. (Okay not above all, but man. I love candy)

Keep safe, and remember that some kid still needs your prayers in Tijuana.

I love you guys. Well, almost all of you guys. If Andy gets a higher score on the ACT than I did, I'll have to stop loving him. I can deal with Tennis, Piano, and Jive if he's better than me, but the ACT is the last straw.

I really do love you. Thanks for everything.

Elder Carter

Picture of me, Elder Giles, and Elder Johnson. Sorry it's super Blurry, but the Elder who took it really wasn't at fault. It was the guy behind him who bumped him. Elder Giles and Elder Johnson leave this transfer. They're both really cool guys. We already planned to meet up after the mission and have a total bro-party in Spanish. It's gonna be great.

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