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So for the past few weeks I´ve been the apprentice of Elder G. He was the secretary before I was and he knew pretty much everything. He was going to teach me for the next transfer.

Well, as it turns out, he goes to his new area tomorrow. Today was his last day to teach me everything.

I have officially been put in charge of:
All of the financial wares of the mission
All of the website information
All of the Cell Phones
The Email of the Mission
A new Sector
And around 300 credit cards

Pretty nuts.

Not only has he taught me all of this stuff, but he´s also trying to train other people as well.

The hardest part about this is the fact that he´ll be leaving the sector. I really don´t know a whole lot of people, and my companion, Elder D, really knows less than I do.

Basically, we´re going to be left with the knowledge that I´ve got, because Elder Diaz has no idea what he does outside of his sphere of responsibility.

Elder G did manage to teach me around everything that I need to know, and almost everything that I needed to train others on. Basically, I managed to learn how to run nearly the entire mission in around 4 hours today.

It was pretty cool, to be honest, to know that Elder G was able to transfer all of his knowledge to me, and that now I´m in charge of it all.

But at the same time, it´s really scary. I know that I´m actually in charge of it all. If I make a mistake, it´s okay, because there´s a lot of people willing to help me out, but that doesn´t excuse the mistakes.

Just super scary a little bit.

Okay, cool stuff that happened:

1.) Mom, you´re going to absolutely love this:

I have officially decided that I hate video games.

Okay, well, not hate, but it´s like this:

Brother C, the 10 year old boss that just is super awesome, talks to me ALL the time about Call of Duty. ALL THE TIME. Like, that´s all he wants to talk about. It´s all he does all day too.

It made me start thinking about what I did before the mission, and I realized that I just don´t have the same feeling towards playing games like that anymore.

Like, it´s fun and all, but I just don´t have the same desire to just play them all day like before. I like going out and doing stuff better. It´s more fun, and I actually accomplish stuff.

Basically, everything you guys ever told me about video games was completely true. I knew it of course, but I never really paid attention to it. Now, I realize that seriously, it´s completely just to have fun for a few hours, and then do something even more fun.

Like, I can´t tell you how much I miss wakeboarding/snowboarding/longboarding. I miss doing that so much it´s ridiculous. But games just don´t even matter to me anymore.

It doesn´t matter to me if I come home and the Xbox is still there. I mean, I hope it is, but if it´s not, it´s not a big deal. I really wouldn´t mind.

But if my wakeboard is gone, it had better have been sold to pay for medical treatment of a family member, or I will be just heartbroken.

Same with my longboard, tennis raquet, Ripstik, bike (not really mine though so...), and you know, even the lawnmower (really miss mowing lawns).

Anyway, so there´s a major point of revelation. I just don´t want to play them anymore.

2.) I´m super tired all the time

Ever since I got put in as a secretary, I´ve been staying up kinda late. I talk with the assistants almost every single night. I´m trying to learn everything I possibly can about them. Elder L is just absolutely nuts. Super good missionary.

But, sacrifice always comes at a price. There´s always been a price for sacrifice right? This one is sleep. I´m super tired in the mornings.

In Postal, we just went to bed at 10:30 every night, and I never felt tired in the mornings.

Here, after staying up, I just get so exhausted it´s ridiculous.

But whatever. I´ll manage.

3.) I´ve got 2 just absolutely fantastic songs that Andy and Dad have to look for and learn how to play. I want to learn how to play it too. One is called "River Flows In You" and the other is called "Maybe" and they are both by Yiruma. It´s super cool. Gotta listen to them and then play them.

Alright, pictures! Finally!

I don´t actually remember what they are. Sorry. But I remember one is Elder G. He grabbed my camera and took a selfie for fun. I think it´s just full of views of where we are. It´s super cool.

Okay, I´ll take more and get them sent a little while later. I just can´t really get many uploaded right now because of time.

Love you all to pieces.


Like, really.

Elder Carter

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