Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello famiry! And other people! How are things going for you?

Good? alright. Great.

So, I am a secretary now and I have to say it´s really weird. There´s a lot of cool stuff that happens as a secretary. I´m learning a ton of new stuff and it´s awesome to be able to spend a few hours with the President.

As the Financial Secretary, I´m in charge of any and all money exchanges that happen inside the mission. I need to make sure that anyone that has a problem with money gets it fixed, and usually I am the one who has to fix it. It´s actually really cool. I love it. It´s really cool to see how money works in the mission.

As a secretary, there are a few changes that are really weird to adjust to:

First is that we don´t have companionship study. We work in the offices from 9-2, so that means that we study personally, but that´s all that we do. It´s super hard sometimes because we don't have planned who´s going to talk or what principles we want to cover, but it´s fine. We´re good for now.

Second, we have District meetings on Saturdays now. Normally they are on Tuesday. It´s super odd to come and work in the offices at 9 on Tuesday. But hey, I like it. It´s great to have a change of pace.

Third, our weekly planning session is on Sunday at night now, instead of Thursday in the morning. That´s really difficult to manage, because Sunday is the best day for proselyting. Everyone is home, and everyone is with their families. But that´s a sacrifice I gotta make.

Apart from those things, everything is pretty normal.

Alright, now for cool stuff that´s happened this past week.

1.) The secretaries and the Assistants to the President live together in the same house. Every single night, I talk with them to see what they do to have success. I´m learning a ton of stuff from Elder L. He really is awesome at what he does. I´m also enjoying the fact that I can speak some English at night. Makes me much more relaxed.

2.) We have this investigator named C. He only speaks English and is 10 years old. He´s a total boss. His family has more problems than anyone I can think of, and yet he's a totally awesome kid. He´s memorized the Plan of Salvation, every single commandment we've taught him, and he goes to church, EVEN THOUGH HE ONLY SPEAKS ENGLISH. Honestly, just an awesome kid. He´s got a baptismal date for the 19th of this month. I'm super happy.

3.) I really miss my set-up in Postal sometimes. I was rolling there. Elder R and I were just hammering out lessons, and we were also finding new people. Not only that, but we were set up with an awesome ward mission leader, and they just started implementing an awesome plan to start getting members involved in missionary work. Oh well. Wasn't my time I guess.

I really don´t know of too much more. This week was just super hectic working in the offices because I wasn't completely proficient in my responsibilities. But hey, it comes with the tag man.

Oh yeah, I have a question for you guys at home:

What exactly do you want pictures of? Like, I know of my companions, but what else? I´m always stuck trying to think of what you guys want for pictures. If there´s something I say that you guys want as photographic evidence, let me know and I´ll see what I can do.

That´s about all this week. Just super awesome en verdad.

Oh, I guess I could also send a picture of the view I have at my desk. It´s awesome. I get to see literally all of Postal. sometimes I look on the hill to see if I can see Elder R and his companion walking from an appointment or something.

Okay. I´m done rambling.

See you all later!

Elder Carter

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