Thursday, May 1, 2014

I´m happy

I´m a happy person now.

Very happy.

That is all.

To be honest, I´m kind of at a loss at what to say. Very little has happened in the few days that have passed in between my last writing and now.

I can safely say that I´m going to be here for 1 transfer completely. I will be here until around June, and then I leave to go work in the field, and the new Elder, Elder Hesterman, works as the Secretary of Finances.

I´m kinda sad, but that just cannot overbalance my absolute joy that I will finally be able to focus completely in the work, and not just half of my entire being.

You could probably say that I´m overreacting, but I just can´t surpress the feelings of joy that I have. I know I´m going to be leaving in a high standing with the President, I will have a bunch of experience in many different things that I never would have received otherwise, and above all, I will be leaving as a different person.

I think what makes me even more happy is the fact that once I leave, I will be completely free. I won´t have to worry at all.

I mean, I will still be available to help out at all, but I won´t have to do anything. I will wake up in the morning with an investigator in my mind. I will wake up wondering what I can do to help people progress to God. I will have my companion there to help me out 100%.

Thanks for all of the support that you all offer me. All of you. Even Jack. That dog is just pushing me onward. I can already tell he´s sacrificing a ton for me. He´s fasting right? Every first Sunday? I think so.

So, I call my family on the 11 of May! Anyone who wants to join, please get in contact with them so they can plan it.

I will be sending another email next Monday. This one is really short because I don´t have a lot more to say between Saturday and Tuesday. Nothing has really happened.

I´m going to be taking a ton of pictures this next transfer, so that you´re all super happy with me and know that I´ve gained like 80 pounds (I think 10).

Yup. Have a great day people. Next Monday will be more interesting.

Elder Carter

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