Monday, May 19, 2014

I´m the new assistant to the assistants

Yeah, you read right. I´m now with the assistants 24/7, and it´s been awesome. I´ve learned a ton.

Basically, this is what happened:

I was going to be transferred to Mexicali, the one place in the whole mission that I really don´t ever want to see in the summer. Like, winter would be fine, because it just gets cold there. But like, summer, it´s the worst.

Anyway, I was headed there. In fact, I was supposed to be there RIGHT NOW.

But then the President made a snap decision.

It happened on Tuesday. There was a Zone Conference in the which the Assistants taught. I went with them because I really didn´t want to wait in the offices forever with nothing to do. As we finished, the President was talking with Elder Guzman about what was going to happen with me, and he was telling the President how much better it would be for me to be with them.

I could stay in their sector and work there while they were gone, and I could also try to do random things like fill out forms or whatever while they focused on their trainings and things like that.

He also told the President that really there is no place for me there, because there aren´t any trios. So really, sending me to Mexicali would just be a hassle.

Thanks to that, I´m now working full-time with the assistants. It´s super cool. I´m learning so much it´s ridiculous.

I´ve really enjoyed my time with them as well, because they really just don´t judge me. They just tell me how I can do better, and not even that strong either. Like, he just says what I did wrong, and that I could have said something better, and that´s it. It´s super great.

That´s the biggest thing that happened this week.

Now, a couple more smaller things:

1.) I was in a seminary class this week, and I noticed something super crazy:

All of the kids were anxious to participate in the class!

I don´t know how much all of you know about Seminary, but really, it´s SO HARD to get people to participate in the Semniary classes. Really. Like, the person asks a question, and no one answers for around 20 minutes. It´s super hard to learn like that.

But no, here, it was like:

"What is the difference between asking and pleading?"

All of the kids raised their hands.

It was really neat to see that. The prophecies of Lehi are being fulfilled in that very class.

2.) Doctrine and Covenants is just super nuts. There´s so much doctrine, so much stuff that it says in that book that you really can´t even expect to contain it all. Like, the fact that there are Priesthood keys to the creation or to resurrection. Just super nuts stuff like that.

3.) I went on splits with the Bishop of the new ward, Libertad. It was honestly a really cool experience. I put in practice everything I had learned from the Assistants and found out that really, I´m not half bad.

Okay, I´ll probably send a little more later on this week. I gotta eat.

Elder Carter

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