Monday, September 22, 2014

2 weeks ago

Sorry I didn't write this week! It took a very long time to write last week because my computer was slow. THis week I've got a bunch to say, so lets see if I can do it.


Brother M: He's going to be baptized in 3 days. Wednesday. He's super cool. I'll talk about his experience in a bit.

We're out of them outside of Brother M, so we've got to start looking for more again.

Stuff that happened!

1.) We had a miracle with Brother M! We told him he needed to pray and ask God if everything was true. So he did it that night. He said he felt sad when he first asked. After that, we were like, crud. He's going to say it's not true because of that.

Then he said he asked: Were you waiting a long time for me to ask?

He then said he felt so peaceful that he knew it came from God.

He received his answer.

Coolest thing I've seen for a while on my mission.

2.) I heard from my trainer that the trainees that arrived were all saying that their trainers were terrible and they didn't like them at all. My trainee told me then:

I was the only one that didn't complain about my trainer, so I'm really glad I got to have you as my trainer.

So, apparently I'm the bees knees. Pretty cool huh?

3.) I need a new backpack. This one is dead. I sent a picture of the hole it's got. I'll be fine using it for a little while, but the bags here are just outrageously expensive and they don't last long enough. Can you send me another one please?

4.) I had a scary experience a week ago:

It was really hot one night, so I left my bed to go sleep in the big room, which was slightly cooler, and I grabbed two chairs and got to sleep. I woke up at around 2 in the morning because I suddenly couldn't breath. My nose was stuffed. So I was like, aw man. Stuffy noses are the worst.

I sat up, and immediately the fluid that was in my nose gushed out. I was like AW GROSS. LIQUID SNOT. EWW.

I went to the bathroom to see what was going on, and as I flicked on the light,

My whole hand was covered in Blood.

My nose was bleeding.

It was bleeding so much that I had to just sit there for a while with toilet paper in my nose because I would have let it drip on my clothes.

I sat for about 15 minutes in the bathroom and I about threw up. I started feeling symptoms of shock and I got up to look in the mirror and I was completely and totally pale. I woke my companion up and told him that he had to call the doctors. They called and I laid down and put my feet on the door handle to keep from passing out.

Long story short, it scared me.

I didn't have any problems after that, but it scared me. I don't know what happened or anything, but all I know is that there was something wrong with me that night. Who knows.

5.) WE SLEPT ON THE ROOF OF OUR APARTMENT! I found a hole in the ceiling and so we shoved our stuff on the roof and took a bunch of pictures. It's awesome. It was the nicest sleep I've had in a while. Nice and cool. HOwever, it was kinda humid, so everything was damp in the morning. Oh well. Worth it.

Here's a bunch of pictures to enjoy. Have fun people.


Elder Carter

I love you all too. Sometimes. Just when I think about you I guess.


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