Monday, September 29, 2014

Work ends, week ends

Well, my good people, this week was quite the experience. Lets begin:
None. That´s right. I´m on nill right now. We ran out. We gotta find this week to get some work done.
1.) BAPTISM! The guy's name is Brother M. He's really cool. We found him through his girlfriend (the one with glasses) who brought him to church. We had contacted him before (Elder C and I) but he didn't want anything. He told us he was okay. However, when he went again, i was determined to help him. Well, as it turns out, he had QUESTIONS! So we answered them and talked about the Restoration. He agreed to do everything and we left.
He prayed THE VERY NIGHT WE TALKED TO HIM and received an answer. He said that he felt sad at first, and then asked if God was waiting a long time for him to ask, and he said he felt so happy he couldn't explain it.
I had the privlege to baptize him, and it was a great moment. He left the water and just stood in the font, smiling. We left the font, and as we were changing, he asked me, "Will I feel this clean when I get the Holy Ghost?" I told him he would, and he just seemed so content.
It was an awesome experience.
Outside of that, it was a really rough week. No news, (we actually had to drop a couple) and absolutely no progress. We´re punching a brick wall.
Sorry this is so short, but there´s really not much more that I can talk about right now. Pretty boring week this week.
Thanks for the help and support and prayers. I try to keep you all in my prayers too.
Okay, well, see you later everyone.

Elder Carter

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