Monday, May 18, 2015

Not much to say this week

Like I said, not a whole lot to talk about today. I'll just go through it right now.


Aaron - We confirmed him on Sunday! He's a member now, which is really good, because it means we're finally able to finish up teaching him. He's a good kid, and we're excited to see him grow. The ward is working hard to help him stay active.

Javier - Said he couldn't come to church this week, but next week, he will for sure. So this week is all about getting him to church. He's a really nice guy and really active, but he's got a few problems we're going to work on.

Pablo - He's a new guy we found a few days ago. We taught him again yesterday. He's 18 years old and he has two sisters that he has to help and take care of all the time because his parents are out working. He's SO nice though. We hope he'll be able to progress.

Luz - A lady that came from another area that has now been to church twice. Really nice and timid, but lives HASTA LA GOMA. In other words, FREAKIN FAR AWAY. Oh well. That's the price we pay to help people. She'll probably be my baptism on my last week. Her date is for the 16th of June. She's been to church twice and seems VERY happy with what she's seen and heard. Already has read the Book of Mormon, but the other missionaries couldn't teach her much about it, so we're going to teach her a ton and get her the answers she wants to know.


1.) It rained SO much this week. Honestly, it rained so much that it flooded the streets. I took a picture of an intersection so flooded that you could go in it in canoe. Ridiculous. We got really wet.

2.) My bike broke. The actual FRAME broke. They had broken it before, but they welded it back on, and then sold it to me.

Well, turns out that they didn't weld it enough, because I was just minding my own business, doing missionary things when all of a sudden I hear this CRACK and my seat just shoots up to try and punch me or something, and my bike stops working.

I got off and looked and saw nothing, but when I sat back on my bike, I felt what happened.

Oh man. I had to replace the frame, and that cost me a bit of feria (change). And then my tire went flat at the end of this week, so now I gotta change it.

3.) I left my jacket with the Zone Leaders in the North, so I didn't have my jacket with me during the rain. It was horrid. I got so went that I shook my head and sprayed water everywhere. My companion did it too, and since his hair is longer and more stringy, he sprayed even more. It was just dumb.

4.) My companion is a really cool guy! His name is Elder Cruz, and he was companinos with Elder Luna. He really likes Pokemon.

When he first got here, he didn't say much, but Elder Luna had told me that he really liked Pokemon, so I started asking him about it and BOOM! He started talking SO much about everything there is in Pokemon. I like it too, so we just talk about Pokemon all day. Well, not really, but at night, he talks to me about it and I listen, because I don't really know or remember as much as he does.

He is so funny though. When it was raining, he told me,

"Just watch. The President is actually praying and fasting so that it rains more."

He's really witty. It's awesome. He also was with Elder De La Torre in Mexicali, and honestly, after what he's told me about what is going down there, Elder De La Torre is making me one proud trainer.

5.) I played tennis a few hours ago. It was so sad to see how far I've dropped. From almost beating Andy before the mission, to now winning by pure luck after 2 years... It's depressing.

Well, to finish up, I just want to say that I'm honestly putting in everything I can. I was giving all I could before, but I was saving a bit of energy. Just like in a race, you push hard, but save your very very best until the end, where you know you won't have to give any more when you're done. That's what I'm doing now. I'm just using any spare energy I can find and using it to just go hard until the end.

The best part is that I'm with a good companion, so I get to enjoy my last transfer with him. He's actually got a year in the mission, so we're going to make it last for him as well.

Have a good week everyone. I'll try to have more pictures tomorrow.

Elder Carter

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