Monday, June 1, 2015

Working on it

I have just a little bit of time to write right now, so I'll just be as quick as I can.


Luz Elena - progressing a ton. She's definitely going to be baptized my last week in the mission. We're so excited for that. Honestly a God send. She's so awesome. She has some really weird ideas about God and religion, but she said something that just made me understand the power of God. She grabbed a Book of Mormon and said:

"I know what is in here, in this religion, and in what you are teaching me, is all true. And I know that the ideas that I have are not. That is why I'm so glad you teach me."

She feeds us every time we go to her house, and she's invited her whole block to listen to us while we're there. She is so chosen.

This next one will surprise you...

JUANITA! That's right! We returned with Juanita for a last-ditch attempt to put an appointment and see if we couldn't get her to agree. We showed up, and her son had taken her to the doctor, she talked with him, and EVERYTHING fell into place. She has to leave the city for 2 weeks, but when she gets back, she says she will be baptized. Which means, I will have TWO baptisms for my last week in the mission! How awesome is that? We're just waiting on her now and praying that she stays at her current apartment when she returns.


1.) On Tuesday, I found chewed gum in my soup. That was honestly disgusting.

2.) The next day, I got sick and nearly killed myself just going out and working anyway. I had the cold, and I honestly had to force myself to walk all that day. I wouldn't have handled the bikes. Beacuse of that, we didn't contact, and we still got planched. That's always fun right?

3.) I found out that our District Leader HIT A TRUCK on his bike. And left a dent. Our Zone Leaders now know that we aren't kidding when we say he's a little hard to handle.

4.) I'm still sick since Wednesday. Not as bad, but I lost my voice on Friday, and I still don't have all of it today. It's kinda rough, but whatever. I'll deal with it. Speaking Spanish with a stuffy nose is the worst.

Okay, well, I've got 22 days left in the mission. Which means in just a few weeks, I will be back home. It's been a good ride. A hard struggle, a rough battle, but a good ride nonetheless. I've learned a lot in my 2 years, and I've come to understand a lot about who God is, and who I am. And more than anything else, I've got my own (albeit small) testimony of the Gospel. I know that the church is true, and I can finally say that I have received my witness for myself. It didn't come easy or quickly or in a way I expected, but it did come.

So, 2 years is definitely worth the price you pay. Thanks for all the support and the love. I really need it sometimes, and it helps to know that I've got a lot of people on my side.

See you all later.

Elder Carter

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