Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hand Written Letter

Hello mi familia!  Mom or Dad, however you want to do it, have this letter read aloud.  I want everyone to hear it.  Maybe family home evening or something.  Anyway, I just have os much to say that I can’t get it all in an email.  I decided to write a letter.

So, first, I’m going to tell you about everything that me and my district do, then I’ll talk about my experiences/schedule, and then I’ll end.  Here goes!

My district is awesome.  We spend hours just talking to each other.  It’s awesome.  Heck, my ZONE is just amazing.  We have the best zone ever formed.

My companion, Elder Hilton, and I, have some inside jokes.  One of these is the saying “I’m feeling the flow”.  It’s a joke about a show we know.  It’s a definitive INSIDE joke.  Another is saying Bienvenidos a la CCM! To all the new Elderes Y Hermanas.  It’s so funny.  We don’t know why.

One of our Zone leaders, Elder Conrad, told us that they found a soda hidden in their room in hiding places.  Elder Madsen proceeded to take a nail file and file the side of a quarter so he could unscrew the nails in our cuarta.  He never finished, so today he used the quarter for the vending Machine.

Speaking of Elder Madsen, that guy is hilarious.  Andy, if you could just hear HALF the stuff he says, you’d love him. For instance, there’s a trailer behind our quarta that has no wheels.  He was looking at it, then said, “I should have my mom UPS me some tires for it.”  From then on, he said that about a mini-fridge, a diamond blade saw, and a tree. He’s hilarious.

Another weird thing is that Elder Hilton has started flicking coins everywhere.  He just picks up coins and snaps them.  He’s getting good, but we have to take the coins or we will all get pelted with them.

Elder Hilton also likes talking to Elder Fergusen.  He speaks Spanish like English.  So instead of rolling his r’s on words like “perro” or “tierra”, he just says them like he would in English.  I can’t understand it at all, but Elder Hilton loves it, because that’s how he speaks Spanish also.

The Temple is closed here, so during P-Day, we have like 3 ½ hours of absolutely nothing.  It drives my companion/district insane, but I use the time for napping.  My district has no idea how I fall asleep during the day, nor do they enjoy getting up so early.  For me, it’s going to bed early and waking up late, so I really get o catch some z’s.

My closet is really stupid.  It only opens about half way because the towel rack hits the bed.  I will send a picture home when I can.

Our first “investigator” was Heidy.  She was really difficult, and no one in my district was able to convert her, but Elder Hilton y yo were unable to even get her to church.  We need teaching practice.

So, I noticed I really have no time to write this letter, so I’m using my journal time para escribir este carta.

Funny story dad.   I got your popcorn and uh… I already knew acerca de microwaves.  I LIVE ON FLOOR ONE.  Tenemos vending machines!  JA ja ja ja.

Okey, time to focus.  We have had a lot of time to learn Spanish, and we have 2 investigators tomorrow.  We have to try to convert them.  One only has time for 2 lessons.  We have in total, one hour to convert him.  OOOOOohhh boy.  Wish us luck.  It’s the “twin” of Hermano Holman.

Schedule time!  So, here's my normal schedule on Mondays:
6:30 Wake up
7:00 Personal Study
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Class
11:30 Language study
1:00 lunch
1:45 class
4:55 TALL (Technology Assisted Language learning)
6:00 Dinner
7:15 Personal Physical Exercise
8:30 Additional Study time
9:00 Planning session (campanerismo)
10:15 quiet time
10:30 BED!!!

I'm sorry this took so long!  I have a lot happening right now.  I love you all very much, and I love being a missionary.

Elder Carter
(Ehldehr Cahrtehr)

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