Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quick Email

Thanks for the email Dad!
It's funny that you mention burning shins in the shower, because I'm actually dealing with that myself! We played some soccer, and I was like, going hardcore. I'm actually not half bad, because the Tennis drills I had trained me to have precision with my feet, so I'm not the best out there, but I'm not the worst either.
Anyway, we played soccer..... without shinguards. Yeah. I have a gash on my leg that burned really bad today in the shower. It's not like bad, but It's a visible cut that's going to scab. It hurt.
Speaking of showers, I hate our showers. The stupid curtain is literally JUST big enough to fit over the entrance, so if you move to fast you pretty much open the door to the shower. SO stupid.... hahahahaha
I'll email later today during my laundry time my weekly letter. I wrote some stuff down so i wouldn't forget like last week.
Thanks for the email! I really enjoy it.
Gracias, otra vez, por su carta electronico. Yo quiero esos mucho.
Amor y feliz,

Elder Carter

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