Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 3

So, a lot of stuff has happened since I last wrote! My parents got my large written letter, and (hopefully) they posted it on the blog.
I know this sounds weird, but I'm really struggling with Preach My Gospel. I just don't get how to use it. For instance, it says something like: "Some people will be struggling to join the church because of social reasons, not so much personal. When these cases arise, get a member, as they may be able to help you."
2.) I have become one of the most popular guys in the Zone. Due to my ability to do Magic Tricks, people have now decided they want to hang out just to see me do some more. It's really cool. I enjoy doing quick tricks. It makes me feel very knowledgeable, and because most of the people in our zone know more Spanish than I do, it makes me feel like I actually know something they don't.
3.) I SAW DALLAS HUNT! He's so awesome! He speaks very good Spanish for what he knew when he left, and I'm SO happy he's here still! So awesome to talk with him for a few minutes.
4.) I met President Nalle, and he was actually a Bishop after Bishop Dodds! He and I talked for about 2 minutes, and turns out that he was just in Twin Falls a few weeks ago for a farewell (or something. I don't quite remember.) He said he really loved Twin Falls, and he was glad I talked to him. He didn't know the Stallings or Grandma and Grandpa, but he knew a few other people. It was good to meet him, and I was super glad I just stopped him.
5.) MY INVESTIGATORS DRIVE ME INSANE! Dad, maybe you can help me with this one:
I have an investigator that just won't help us at all. We ask her profound questions like: "What is the most important thing in your life?" She says this: "My family." That's her entire answer. What the CRAP do I do with her? I'm so frustrated! She doesn't trust us, and we can't get her to trust us unless she opens up a little bit to us! But she keeps shrugging her shoulders or saying "Esta Bien" or just, UGHGHHGGHGHGHGHGH. I'm so terrible at teaching it's stupid. I feel so inadequate.
6.) We haven't had a new District come in for 3 weeks now! My District is STILL the newest one. It's so annoying! I have so much to tell people that are new! For instance, we got a new District on our floor where our classroom is, and they are Beginners. I said "A Donde van? (Where are you going?") And they were clueless. Their teacher and I talked a little bit, and they just looked so lost. It made me feel like I actually know Spanish and that I can help them. I told them a little bit about what to expect. They're my favorite District.
7.) There were some Elders in another Zone that got locked out of their room.... Right after shower time. They all stood in front of their door in towels and just were like, "What do we do now?" Some guy got a hangar and broke it off trying to pick the lock, and then we eventually sent two Elders to pick up another key. It was hilarious.
8.) Elder Madsen has gotten into the habit of calling Elder Wilkinson "Elder Swag". He was a jock in High School and so he walks like one. Hence, he walks with a lost of "swag." He doesn't see it, but everyone else in our District does.
9.) I've been struggling a lot with staying calm under pressure. I'm finding myself with a short fuse lately, and it's not good. I have been praying for help, but dang. It's hard to maintain calm when your investigator cannot remember what you discussed literally 16 hours ago.
10.) Apparently, I'm a really good writer. Elders Madsen and Townsend found a writing piece that I did on a P-Day, and they said it was really good. I'm now going to have to write more for them, because they keep asking if I have more. I wish I could give them my book so they could look at it.
11.) THIS EMAIL IS REALLY LONG. SORRY. I KNOW HOW MUCH STUFF YOU GUYS HAVE TO DO IN YOUR LIFE. I'D DIE IF I HAD TO READ THIS MUCH. We have a secret Zone handshake! I haven't mentioned it because I forgot, but we do! It's really cool. I'll take step by step instruction pictures, and then send them to you guys so you know how it works.
I love this. I'm homesick a lot, but I really do love what I'm doing. I'm glad I get to do it for 2 whole years! It's just fantastic. I'm so happy to serve the Lord, and I can't wait until I get to where I can just serve as much as possible.
I love you guys so much. Like, if you guys had any idea how much I think about you and the good memories that we have, you'd think I was a stalker/creeper or something.
Mom, Dad, can you find the lyrics to "Geek in the Pink" for me? I would like to learn them in Spanish, and also have it to recite for fun. I realized how much fun that song is to sing, and so I started singing it today and realized that I forgot the second verse!
I love you. All of you. Family, friends, and even random Internet bypassers who may read this on the blog. Yeah, Mr. J. G. Snodgrass, I love you too.
Okay okay. Pictures after this. Love you all!

Elder Carter

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