Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hi everyone. It's me again. I'm pretty sure you're all super tired of reading my essays, but I get graded on them, so I'm working really hard.


Brother J, Sister B, Brother F, and Brother J (son): THIS FAMILY IS SO AWESOME. HOLY COW. We showed up at their house, contacted the two sons, and now the 4 of them are committed to be baptized! They came to church on Sunday, and told us they found the correct path. SO AWESOME. MIRACLES.

Sister J and Brother S: We're going to have to explain the authority a ton, because they just don't get it. They think that we are just there to teach them, not to do anything more. Which, sure, we're there to teach, but we need them to understand that their pastor has no authority to baptize anyone. Not even close. They don't get that, and that's why we see no progress I think. But even then, they haven't even really taken our visits that seriously... So... We'll see what happens on Wednesday.

Brother J and Brother D: They are doing awesome! Progressing a ton, and they WERE going to come to church, with Brother J leaving his work to come to sacrament meeting! But then family came in and took them to the beach. Sad day, but we know now that he's willing to go! WE'RE STOKED! They're going to have a baptismal date for August. We'll work with them too.

Outside of them, we've got nothing more. We're working on finding. That's the key in all of this. If you have the faith to find 12 new investigators every single week, God promises that at least ONE will be baptized in 5 weeks. That's definitely true. So, we just gotta find a ton, and we'll be fine.

Now for the fun parts.

This week, we decided to pull a prank on Elders M and Elders S. We showed up at the house before them, and we figured we would make the house look like we got robbed. I took the pictures of what we did. It was hilarious. The photo is of me and Elder C waiting for them to get home.

So now, this is where it gets awesome:

They showed up at the house, and Elder S is like: "I think we were robbed."

Elder M doesn't even hesitate. He just says:

"Okay. Lets kill people."

He grabbed two knives and started looking in the house to see if the robbers were still there. He checked all the rooms, and Elder C and I were waiting in the bathroom to scare them by jumping out of it. Well, as it turns out, they called us, and the PHONE RANG IN THE BATHROOM.

But, that was actually protection from the Lord, because I am absolutely positive that if we had scared Elder M, he would have stabbed us. It was hilarious.

We went to the offices today as well, and I met the new President! He's super awesome! I didn't really talk to him because he was super busy, but he seems like a very kind man. I'm super stoked to meet him in a couple weeks at our first zone conference!

IT IS SO HOT AT NIGHT. HOLY COW. We live on the third floor of an apartment complex, and so all the heat rises to the top. It's SUPER HOT at night. Just ridiculous. It's so hot that I'm sleeping without even a single sheet. I've now slept 2 nights in a row without anything but a shirt, shorts, and my pillow. Actually, last night, I got a bag and filled it with ice and stuck it under my shirt. That was heavenly. I slept like a baby.

And so yeah. THat's the happenins this week. I dunno why, but I read that in Homestarrunner's voice in my head. DAT'S DA HAPPUNINS DIS WEEK.

I really don't know what else to talk about. 


So we were going to a food appointment, and the lady drives to pick us up. She's super nice, so she took her truck to come and get us.

Well, she takes a wrong turn and ends up coming UP a street the WRONG way. Poor lady was so worried about the food (she doesn't really know how to cook, but she absolutely loves to feed the missionaries. She's such a great little lady.) that she didn't even pay attention to the road and went the wrong way!

Well, anyway, we get in, and she turns around in the way of around 10-15 other cars just to get her truck turned around to go down the same street she came up.

We get around 5 blocks from her house, when suddenly, the most hilarious thing happens:


Not joking. It popped. She just got out of the car, looked at it, then turned the car off, and we walked the next 5 blocks to her house. It was so funny. I felt really bad for the lady, but she just kinda left it there. It was great. I felt like I was really in Mexico finally.

Oh, and, Mom and Dad, Elder M knows how to fight. He took MMA training for 5 years. He said he's going to teach me. So HA! All those years that you didn't let me take karate can't keep me from learning how to punch people! >:D

Okay, well, that's all for this week. Really short, but I feel like I touched on the coolest parts.

I dunno if anyone has any questions. Man. I feel like I'm in a lesson. That's basically all I ask all the time now. People tell me they don't have any, and then I ask them what is a prophet after I jsut explained it and they can't even tell me they know the word at all. Love these people. Super awesome.


Elder Carter

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