Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Well now... THIS is interesting

This week I really learned a lot. I think I probably learned more in this week than I have in a while.

Sister J: No change. Isn't coming to church though. I'm scared we may have to drop her and her daughter. Even though we had a super cool lesson with them where they opened up a ton, we have to drop them if they just can't come to church.

Brother J and Brother D: Brother J keeps insisting that he wants to go to church, but can't come because he has to sell in the sobre ruedas. (I think I explained what those are in a previous email a LONG time ago in like, September of 2013 I think.... Brother D came to church though, and he loved it. He'll be baptized very soon I believe. He's super cool, and he loves to just talk to us. The only problem is he isn't reading the Book of Mormon. Vamos a echarnos ganas.

Brother J and Sister B. We just found them after we went to buy tortillas for a member in the ward, and we contacted the cashier, Brother J. He told us to drop by their house on Sunday, and they were WAITING for us. It was a great lesson, and I'm pretty sure we can get them to church pretty easily. The only problem is that they believe they need around 2 years worth of preparation in order to feel ready to be baptized. I'm just going to try to explain to them that they need to ask God, and God's just going to be like:


And then we drown 'em. That's how we roll around here.

That's about it for the investigators right now. But, I'll get on to the fun stuff.

1.) Us four missionaries (Elder C, Elder M, Elder S, and I) are just absolutely nuts. One night, we just started singing with flat billed hats and aviators. We sang O Elderes de Israel dressed as Cholos (mexican gangsters). It was super funny. Last night, we had an epic pillow fight, where it was the companionships against each other. I think we won, but to be honest, I was a little sore, because Elder M and Elder S kept picking on me just because Elder C has a really heavy pillow. Whatever. THEN, around 3 hours ago, we found some spare pipes in the chapel, and I played Pirates of the Caribbean while Elder M and Elder S swordfought. Honestly, we are the dumbest but funniest kids ever.

2.) I learned that we have a new President! Presidente Garcia is now in charge. So far the mission hasn't exploded, so I'm pretty sure we're good. I'm just gonna pray that Elder H throws in a few good words about who trained him in the offices. haha

3.) I am now MORE TAN than some of the NATIVES here. It's so awesome. I'd take a picture of the tan, but I don't think you guys want to see just my arm.

4.) HOLY COW WE ARE SCARED. Our ward is a little.... off-centered. Let me explain why:

Here in Mexico (not all the time, but most of the time) there is very little formality. Even in the church, there's very little formality. Like, not to say that no one shows up to church in street clothes, but at the same time, there's a lot of times where a certain thing must happen, and it just doesn't, because they just think:

"Eh, it's fine. We're among friends here. I can just do whatever, and I think it'd be the same anyway."

So, when there's things like someone who doesn't show up to talk, or they forget or whatever, they just shrug it off.

So this Sunday, the Bishop and his counsellors spoke. I don't really know if it was planned or not, but the talks were... Well, we're just going to say they weren't as spiritual as they could have been. So we're going to work on that this week.

I'm sending a picture of me as a dumb pioneer, and the other of Cholo night. I couldn't join because I was in the bathroom. Jerks.

Okay, well, I'm off now. Thanks for writing me everyone! Have a good week!

Elder Carter

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