Monday, August 11, 2014


Okay, I'm giong to cut to the chase here.


I'm sitting on just one right now with a baptismal date: Brother O.

We contacted him in the street after an appointment told us to visit one of the neighbors there. He told us he'd go to church, but never showed. We're giong to see what happened thsi week.

We have other investigators, like Brother J and Brother B, but we aren't seeing much progress there. We're going to see what we can do this week to get them to church.

Kind of low on that pool, but we're giong to fill it up again soon.

Cool stuff:

1.) HOLY COW WE ARE BEING WATCHED. We went to go buy my suit, and one of the people there in the place called MacroPlaza pulled out his phone and took a picture of Elder S and my companion Elder Ts. Then he put the caption: "Hasta los Testigos andan en el Macro" (Even the Witnesses (Jehovah's Witnesses) are in the MacroPlaza."

It was hilarious. But also, we began to think, how many people actually watch us daily then? Pretty funny though. They posted it on Facebook, and it might become a Meme.

2.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I'm such a lame person because I'm sending it nearly a month late, but Happy Birthday!

3.) Hey, can someone send me the phrase in Studio C when they say something like, 

"Hey man, it ain't a'aight if you fixin to roll all up in mah crib wichuh outdated steelo flossin like ya got cheddah, cuz it ain't (somthing I don't remember) to front when you draivin dat hoopdie!" that's just a super funny thing to say, and Elder Morales can't understand English if we talk in a Southern accent.

4.) We all died this week!

So, we ate something called Ceviche around a week ago on Sunday, and what it is is basically raw fish with Cilantro, Tomato, and a couple other things.

Anyway, I knew ceviche was bad because I had eaten it before, and it ruined me for around 3 days. So, I didn't want to eat, but the brother that we were with basically told us we were going to eat Ceviche, or we weren't going to eat at all.

Well, I ate a little, but the whole time I was thinking, "this is going to ruin my life later."

I told the other Elders when we got back to the house, "That Ceviche is going to wreck this apartment."

I was right.

We ate it on Saturday, and on Monday night, the bomb dropped.

Elder Torres got up around 7 times in the night to go... evacuate his bowels very explosively. I got up twice to do it, but both times I was stuck in the bathroom for around 30 minutes with just constant need to be there. Elder Scholes got up around 3 times, and Elder Morales just once.

It was so bad that in the middle of the night, when I was up, Elder Torres had to go, and so he got up as well, but I had just started, so he had to wait like 30 minutes for me to finish my explosion, and then he had to go.

The worst part was in the morning. Everyone was just terrible. Elder Torres had medication that he took, but I had nothing to help with it, so I just had to tough it out. Elder Scholes was hit the worst. He couldn't leave for 2 days. Just sitting in the bathroom all day.

Long story short, it wrecked us all. It was terrible. No more fish like that for me. Thank you.

Okay, well, I gotta go. Been here a bit too long. BAI EVERYONE!

Elder Carter

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