Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey people. This is Elder Carter. I´m in Paris right now. (I´m sure you all believe that.)

Here are my investigators:

Brother J, Brother F, Brother J, Sister B and a new one! The daughter B!

Brother J, the son, and his brother F were baptized this Wednesday! WOOO! They were confirmed on Sunday! They are officially members of the church! WOOO!

We´re working with Brother J, the dad, and Sister B and Sister B. Sister B appears a little less receptive as of late, but we haven´t had the chance to visit her. Also, Sister B really hasn't been with us. But I´m going to use a couple tricks I have up my sleeve to convince her to listen... >:D

Sister C
WE LOST HER! She keeps telling us that it´s evil to go to the movies because that´s where sinners sit, and we can´t sit in the seats where the sinners have sat. She also tells us we shouldn't ever listen to music ever because it´s not from God. She also tells us that she doesn't feel the Spirit in church because she never cries. It´s really sad. But Elder M and I have a plan. We´re going to get one more appointment with her. Just one more, and we´re going to see if we can at least convince her that she´s gotta keep investigating. Elder M is basically the best missionary ever. Holy cow. He knows a ton. We´ll see what happens there.

Sister J and Brother J
A mother and son that we found through members. Sister J is just absolutely nuts, and I can´t understand what she says because she swears too much. I don´t know the swear words (thank goodness) and so whenever she talks about stuff that has happened, or why she feels like she needs to be baptized, she goes on a crazy rant about how crappy her life is and stuff. Brother J is a normal guy who actually planches his own mom. Like, we tried to put an appointment on Sunday, and she didn't let us, and he was like, MOM! YOU´RE REJECTING GOD. LET THEM COME.

He´s basically a surefire baptism. Already asked 3 times if the BoM was true and got his answer. Total boss. Set for the 27th.

Those are the good ones for now.

Okay, well, I gotta get moving here soon anyway, but i´ve got just 1 thing really important to talk about this week.

This week was really hard for me because for the first time, I felt the sorrow that the profets feel. I mean, we had around 10 baptismal dates at the start of this week, and now we have 3. We had to drop 7 because they just don´t want to listen because they don´t understand the difference between emotion and the spirit. Many go to Christian churches that put music that has lyrics really beautiful and that really pull your heartstrings, and so you cry, and they start screaming about how you can be healed, and they think that´s how God works and they don´t think we have the Spirit. It made me very sad. Not sad as in discouraged, but sad because I knew that they weren´t going to be saved in those churches. I felt really sad taht they rejected God, and that they didn´t want to listen to the voice of the Master. It was a very humbling experience. But, this week, we´re going to find new people.

Okay, Gotta go. Love you all.

Elder Carter

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