Monday, August 25, 2014

Stake Conference

This week was Stake Conference, and it was also a Zone Conference! So I got the package! It was awesome! I'll talk all about it.


Omar: He's a cool guy. Really quiet, so it's hard to understand him, but honestly a great guy, and he wants to be baptized ASAP. He actually told us he didn't want to go to church because he felt bad he couldn't go dressed like us. Great guy. We'll see what happens here, because he wants to move out of the area....

Brother J: Son of Sister J. Cool kid, and wants me to baptize him. He can be baptized super quickly, because he's got a bunch of support from a cool family that lives a block down the hill. Should be baptized in September, and I'll have to leave my new sector to do it. Stoked.

Brother J: He just can't leave his drinking habits! We're working with him... But we're scared he doesn't understand that he has to stop drinking. His kids are progressing awesomely though. I just hope they don't go inactive.

Sister J: She's just a little hesitant for some reason. Doesn't read or pray, and for some reason, doesn't want to come to church, but she keeps telling us that she wants to know which church is the true church. There's some sort of social problem there. I think it's the fact that her mom is inactive, and she doesn't want to turn into her mom, or she thinks that this church can't be true if her mom stopped going. We're just praying for her answer.

that's all for now.

Cool things: (this list is huge. Lets see if I can do it)

1.) There was a drunk guy who chased us a week ago! He stopped us in the street, and we talked for about 10 minutes, and we then just left, because he didn't listen. He then got angry about how we weren't trying to help him, and he started following us. It was at night, so Elder T and I were just like, "Lets run."

We booked it for around 3 blocks when we rounded a corner, and he disappeared. It was awesome.

2.) We heard gunshots one morning around 2 blocks from our house. 3 quick ones. We're scared.

3.) We were teaching Sister J, and we started teaching about the Word of Wisdom, and we told her she HAD TO STOP DRINKING COFFEE. Well, she refused. She utterly refused, and told us it just wasn't going to happen, and then, I realized something super sad.

A single cup. One cup. Something I could break just by letting it go and dropping to the floor, has more power over a person than she has over herself.

Isn't that just a sad concept? That single cup of coffee taht she has in the morning has more power to control her than she can control herself. Whatever thing it is, if they threaten her coffee, she can't do it. If someone offers her an awesome job where she gets paid a bajillion dollars, but has to stop drinking coffee to get it, she can't take the job. It's just a super sad idea, but it made me appreciate the Word of Wisdom a TON.


5.) I heard from the President that we have 7,500 members (roughly) attending sacrament meeting every single Sunday in Tijuana.

Sounds cool right? Here's the sad part:

There have been, in the last year, around 1,700 convert baptisms. And the sacrament meeting attendance has only risen around 200 people.

The saying that the authorities have about Tijuana is that they enter in the front door and leave in the back one. Looks like we've got a LOT more work to do here.

6.) I have decided to include cool PME quotes every week just to make everyone happy. This week is the first and most important quote that can be found in the first Presidency message at the beginning:

"The Lord will reward and richly bless you as you humbly and prayerfully serve Him. More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children."

7.) The President is so awesome. I can't explain it this week, but next week, I will.

Okay, I gotta get going. I'll send a wall of pictures. These are of me in my new suit and the pinata we got so we can celebrate our last week together as a district.

More on the way. Thanks for the support! Have an awesome week!

Elder Carter

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