Monday, October 20, 2014


Hmm... I´m still not finding very well. We have a few people that have dates, but it´s not really sure if they will be able to continue. We´ve got to get this finding thing DOWN. Maybe I´m just not talking with enough people. Who knows?

Anyway, we´re basically trying to get contacts and stuff, but the problem is that no one accepts us into their house. We aren't exactly sure why. But we´re trying different things. Maybe if we just try talking about other stuff we´ll get them in.

To explain a little about this week:

1.) Brother M, our most recent convert, plays a really cool game called Kingdom Hearts. One of my most favorite games of all time. I have to say, it´s kinda hard to talk with him without getting nostalgic. He´s so cool though! Mark is definitely going to be a priority when I return after the mission.

2.) The pump in the baptismal font broke! So now, we can´t empty it unless it´s by hand! So, last PDay that´s what we did. We emptied the font! Super fun. It took around 30 minutes to do it, and we had to empty them into the sinks in the bathroom. We had like, 3 buckets and we just dunked them in and handed them up to the sinks. Pretty funny.

3.) WE SAW GOATS. I took pictures of them because they´re goats. I don´t know how to goat very well, but these guys are professional goats. Pretty awesome.

4.) Elder C and Elder E were basically mechanics for two nights working on a speaker. It was hilarious how they were putting the cables on the charging unit to see how it worked. They made it actually charge for a bit, but it was fried after several attempts.

This week passed by kinda quick, but more than anything, it was just a harder week because of the fact that many of the references we received fell through. It was kinda sad to be honest. Not only that, but we found, but then lost because people didn´t want anything after a few days.

However, my converts are still going to church and active! Brother M told us he wants to get sealed, and that I have to be there or he won´t do it. I´m so happy for him. Also, Familia G (the father and two sons who got baptized a while ago) are still going to church, and the youngest son is going to seminary in the morning. It´s awesome.

So, all is well I guess you could say. I am practicing the piano every P Day because I´m now the pianist in the ward. Elder S played before, but now I have to fill his spot, and I am trying to learn how to read music really well, or at least get to the point where I could stumble through it.

I think we´ve been working a lot on obedience and on trying to just focus better. We´re finding a little more now that we´re focusing on our job here. I guess more than really anything else we´re learning how to just go nuts and contact a bunch.

We´ll see how this week goes. I have a feeling we´ll do much better.

Thanks for the support. Don´t forget to read the Book of Mormon this week. It´s a life saver.


Elder Carter



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