Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 89? (dunno what number I'm on. Lost track after 55 or something)

Well, my dear friends, this week was quite the experience. We found a new investigator that is very interesting.

Sister G - A young single adult that has been investigating the church for 2 years now. She has been to church a bunch, loves it, and the missionaries have never found her. We showed up at her door once and found her brother, who then told us we could find her on Sunday. So, we showed up, but they weren't there. A couple weeks later, we tried again, and BOOM! We found her. She's awesome. Understands everything, and really tries to put it into practice. Just a couple problems that we're working through right now, and then I'm sure she'll get INTO DA WAWDAH.

Outside of that, we have a couple prospects in mind, but we're going to just wait until they actually convert into investigators.

This week was kinda normal. Not really much happened.

1.) Brother M, our convert, really likes Kingdom Hearts (it's a game made by Disney and Square Enix. Pretty dang awesome.) and he told me around a week ago about how much he likes it, and wouldn't you know it, I love that game too! So, we talked a bit about how awesome it was, and he gifted me this poster! It's the cover of the first game in the series that came out. I'm so stoked that he gave it to me. It's on my door now and I will be putting it up in all the houses I go to now. >:D

2.) We had a bit of... well, I guess you could say problems, but I'd prefer to say misunderstandings with the bishop this week. Basically, I think it's just been going super tough for him, and so he's been a little more irritable than normal. However, I'm sure with just a few kind words, apologies for what we may have done wrong, and a bit of maybe schmoozing, we'll get his full and complete support again.

3.) I'm in a constant battle with ingrown toenails. I cut it flat, so that it can't grow bad, and then, in a few weeks, it comes back, and it hurts me again. Then I cut it again, and it comes back. There's no way to cure it either, as far as I know. The only thing I can say right now is taht I'm NOT going to the doctoras. They cut Elder C's toenail, and it turned out even WORSE than when he went. Needless to say, I'm going to just stay in this battle.

4.) I have gotten into a habit of trying to listen to the talk by Jörg Klebingat from the last General Conference. Just listen to that talk again, and you'll notice something:

He talks about the secrets of life.

But just hear me out here.

He talks about how we can approach the throne of God with real confidence. Now, you may be thinking that that's a nice sentiment, but WHO can really do that right now?

The General Authorities can.

He describes, in this talk, the secret of the General Authorities. How it is that they are so happy all the time, and how they arrived to be where they are now. That's the secret. Everyone says that the prophet is super happy all the time, but that talk is why. They take responsibility for their own spiritual well being, they take responsibility for their own physical well being, they embrace full, whole hearted obedience as part of their lives, they are really really good at repenting, they are really really good at forgiving, and they accept the trials and tests as part of their mortal experience.

If you guys want to be like the prophet, super happy, then do what he says here. It's by far the best talk I've ever read in my life.

5.) Elder D L T is by far one of my favorite companions. It's just like it was back with Elder P. Just working and loving life, and just talking about hilarious stuff all the time. Love this guy.

6.) Does anyone have any good variations of hymns? I can't listen to any music outside of hymns, so if anyone can find me some awesome hymns with good variations or something, that'd be awesome.

That does it for this week folks. Here's the picture of me and my poster.

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Carter

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