Monday, October 6, 2014

GC! Wewt!

We're sitting on null with investigators right now. It's tough. But, here's a couple of awesome pictures to make up for that.

Okay, well, to be honest, I was expecting very little from the General Conference because I honestly thought I was going to just lose some time in proselitismo (I'm sorry, I don't know how to say that word in English.). So I basically just kinda got there and hoped for the best.

But man, I did NOT expect what I got. It was just awesome! Everything just kinda turned into pure Spiritual refreshment. I expected like, maybe a couple good talks, but there were a ton that were awesome! I especially enjoyed the talk by the new Seventy, Jorg Keblingbat or something. Dang, that guy planches like it's nobody's business la verdad.

This week wasn't really like, super great, but it wasn't terrible. I've been slipping up a bit in being diligent, and so I guess maybe I'll just kick it up a notch this week.

The pictures I'm sending are of me in the stake center overlooking Tijuana, one of me and the Zone Leaders when we went on exchanges, and one of me and the past 15 months of my life.... In 10 little books. Crazy right? When I get home, to all of you, it's going to be like they just magically appeared. Super crazy.

So, to talk a little about the exchanges:

One thing that has really been frustrating me a bunch is the fact that I'm just NOT getting the guidance I'm looking for from my leaders. They keep telling me stuff that I already know. Like,

"If you don't find anyone new to teach, you aren't going to baptize in 5 weeks."

No way. I won't baptize if I don't FIND? WOAH. 

Like, sure, I understand, that they are trying their best, and I repect that they are their leaders, but here's the thing:

I just don't know how to find that well.

So, because of that, I just don't have any way to get those baptisms. I mean, I really do know how to get them to church, I know how to committ them well enough, and I can answer any doubt they have with the scriptures, but gosh darnit, I just don't know how to find.

I want them to SHOW me HOW to find, not just read a few quotes in Preach My Gospel and call it good, you know?

So, I called up the Zone Leaders and we went on interchanges.

The Elder I was with was helping me out a bunch with what was going on in my sector. We had about 3 or 4 chances to find that fell through, but he showed me how I could still get news from anyone. Like, I know now how to find it. You just gotta go all out to get people in places to talk to them. Even if they say no, it's just because they don't know that you have what they need, but you do. Therefore, you can plan like a party or something at a member's house and then show up there on "accident" and teach them and get a new, WITH a member there to support them.

Basically, he finally did what I've been needing for the past few weeks, and this week, I'm going to go HARDCORE find mode. Talking with everyone, and just setting up a bunch of ways to find.

We also gave service to a couple of members and I loved it. We moved furniture and had to move some wood. Did I ever tell anyone how much I really miss helping people move? I feel like I am actually helping and stuff. It makes me feel super happy. When I get back, can we find people that are moving and help them?

Okay, so anyway, that was pretty fun. I also heard that we are very unprivleged here in Tijuana because we are the only Northern Mexico Mission that doesn't have iPads (yes, they started giving them out). But whatever, I came here to suffer, not on vacation.

I gotta get going, but I love you all and thank you for your support.

See you next week!

Elder Carter

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