Monday, November 10, 2014


Okay, I gotta make this letter a little shorter. We have lots to get done today.

So, this week, we had a few finds, and some cooler things happened, but I'll get to the investigators first:

Sister P: Daughter of a less active family in the ward. She recently completed 9 years, and so, we're going to teach her and try to get her baptized. The family didn't come to church this week, so we're going to have to postpone her baptizmal date. She knows everything though. That's the cool part.

Brother JL and Sister S: Two people we got as a reference from someone (no idea how we got it really.) They are Christians, and, because of that, they have problems with interpretations of the Bible. Like, everyone here that's a member of a Christian Church has some really messed up ideas from interpreting the Bible wrong. However, he did tell us that he couldn't ask anyone but God if what we were saying was true. He seems like a really nice guy, and we'll be seeing him on Tuesday.

Brother J: He's a guy we met when we went to look for a reference. Good story about that: We looked for the reference, found a house that had roughly the same number, and contacted the person that came out. However, they didn't want anyting, and we asked them for a reference. They gave us their two neighbors, and we knocked on the neighbor. We found Jose's brother, and then put an appointment. We found José afterward, and he seems really cool. He felt the spirit at least and recognized it, and said he was willing to read the Book of MOrmon. We'll see how our appointment goes this week.

OKay, now fun stuff:

1.) Elder E and Elder T were robbed this week on an interchange! They took everything. Cell Phone, backpacks, Mission Manuals, everything. Elder T lost everything, even his nametag! The scariest part was, they were robbed just 3 blocks from where we walked by, around 20 minutes later. Like, at 8:40 they were robbed, and we walked by, around 3 blocks away, at 9. It was nuts. Needless to say, it scared me so bad that I took the covers of my scriptures off so I don't lose them, and I'm leaving my very studied and carefully marked triple in the house and taking a copy of the BoM with me, marked with the scriptures I need.

2.) I hit my head really hard this week! I wanted to take a picture but it didn't turn out. I was walking next to a toll booth or something and it was like, 8:45 at night. I didn't see the wood that was attached to the top to provide shade and I was walking fast because we were a little far away from the house, and WHAM! I hit my head hard. It hurt so bad that I almost started crying. I wanted to get ticked off, because everyone gets ticked off when they hit their head, but then I just kinda brushed it off and realized it was just a dumb mistake. It hurt. Left a good line of blood on my head, and I had to put shampoo AROUND it for the next 2 days because it hurt so bad to feel it in the wound.

3.) RICE CHEX PACKAGE! I finally got it from Grandma Wardle and Aunt Kari! HOLY COW I LOVE RICE CHEX. I MISS IT. IT TASTES SO GOOD. However, with the recent changes in the package policy about how you can't send ANYTHING that is ingestible, I guess this is my last time eating it. I'll try to savor it. I sent a lot of pictures because I love rice chex.

4.) STINKIN COMPANION. I love this guy. I'm going to miss him so much when I leave. We're pretty similar. I mean, he's got weaknesses and things that bug me, but I know I bug him too, so we're even, and I just be patient. It's cool.

Okay, this is about all. I'm about ready to leave this area, so I gotta push to leave it good for the next elder that comes in. Lets hope we find.

See you later family!

Elder Carter

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