Sunday, November 23, 2014

Package Restrictions in 2015.

We received this notification from Coby Last week:

"Dear Elders and Sisters, it´s very important that you carefully read this information.

The following rules will take effect beginning in January of 2015! The packages that are received in the P.O. Box in San Diego are going to be canceled to send medications, Vitamins, candy, food of any type or any other thing that is ingested.

Also, the size of packages that will be received will be for the following measurements:
14.5 cm X 28.5 cm X 22 cm which is the equivalent of about 5.71 in X 11.22 in X 8.66 in.

Avoid sending excessive letters and packages, they should only be sent for things that are really important!

You´re being notified quickly so that you can inform your parents of the change of rules with regards to the postal service.

Remember that starting in January we will not receive packages that contain the previously mentioned or exceed the accepted measurements!"

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