Monday, January 5, 2015



I got a new companion. His name is Elder R. I'm in the same place, so we're just gonna get stuff done right now.


Brother A: He came to church! Very short period of time, but NEVERTHELESS HE CAME. Therefore, his baptismal date of is still a go. We're just praying now that he can get over his need to smoke, because he hasn't smoked all week (THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS IN HIS BEHALF)

We're sitting on nothing more right now, but we're going to get A TON this next week.

1.) Transfers happened! I got put with Elder R. He's from Utah. I don't know THAT Much about him, but I do know he was in the military for a time. He's got around 11 months in the mission, and he's been a good friend of mine since the office days, so I'm just stoked to be with him. Elder F went to Mexicali. I'm still Junior companion, but I'm super stoked anyway.

2.) I said "judios verdes" a couple days ago. Now I understand, dad, why that sounded so weird to you. I said that for the first time and almost kicked myself mentally in the head. It was funny.

3.) There's a North American convert named Brother J that's SUPER cool! He gives us food and is willing to do anything to help us out. He's super kind, and the coolest thing: He wants to take me to the temple with him.

I dunno if I can go. I'd absolutely relish the chance, really. We'll see how it goes.

4.) I got pictures of people! And a dog that followed us around all day once! I named him Simba II. Sadly, I no longer know where he is.

The people in the picture are the brothers and sister of Angela, the girl you guys met in the video call. They're super cool, but don't live with her, so.... yeah. I got pictures before they left.

My companion and I have plans to just do a bunch of work here. We're going to do the very best we can to make this branch a ward. Who knows what's going to happen after, but it's going to be an awesome transfer. We're gonna get to work.

Thanks for everything, family, and I'll keep you all posted on what's going on here!

Have a time!

Elder Carter

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