Monday, January 26, 2015

150 Days Left!

Nothing new to say other than just a boring week. Honestly. Nothing really cool happened.


Alejandra and Jesus: We lost contact with them. We're going to try to visit them a couple more times to see if we can't find them anywhere.

Margarita: To be blatantly honest, I have no idea who this lady is. We found her on interchanges, so I was in La Gloria and I have no idea what happened with her. All I know is that she didn't come to church.

That's it for now. We're sitting on nearly nothing again. TIME TO GET SOME FINDING DONE!


1.) I went to La Gloria on interchanges and GUESS WHAT I FOUND. Grandma and Grandpa are hiding out in some building I guess. I found the vans. That's right. AH FOUND THEM VAINS. I'm so sneaky.

2.) I found a paleta cart and took some pictures, and for 8 pesos, bought quite possibly the most delicious paleta on the planet. Quite the buy.


So, when I came down with Grandpa a few years back to work on a house, I remembered very vividly a lot of what I saw, and this week, since I was in La Gloria, I saw those places! I saw the tool shop where we went all the time, and I saw the OXXO that we passed. I looked for the house we built and I saw around 2 or 3 that looked like they COULD have been the one we made. Anyway, it was a trip down memory lane. I wanted to take a picture but I was in a Calafia (little mini bus) so I couldn't do it. But it was pretty unreal.

4.) The President made the announcement this week that we now can tract in this mission. Apparently he's just absolutely desperate for baptisms, so he's made tracting a thing again. We can't just plan for one hour to tract, but if everything falls through, we can tract. It's been just like I thought: Rejection. But whatever, just keep on trucking. Someone's got to let us in one day.

5.) Nothing really cool to report other than I might have to give shots to my companion because it looks like he's sick with an infection just like I had a couple months ago in Matamoros.

6.) I was an IT guy this week! I went around probably 3 or 4 hours almost every other day to work on computers for members. I worked on Angela's computer, then on another member's, and then on the computer of Jesus. I had to fight viruses, rearrange and change cables, delete programs, install K-9 Web Protection, and listen to a bunch of BIOS beep codes and uninstall and reinstall RAM.

I felt so happy. It was super fun for me. I mean, it looks so boring to some people, but I just absolutely love working on Computers. It's just something super fun to me. The best part is the end result where I turn on the computer and EVERYTHING works fine again. I feel so accomplished! Elder Rose says that life just makes sense to him when he Rock Climbs, and for me, life just makes sense when I fix computers. It was super fun. I was fielding calls too. Like, someone called me while I was en route to fix another computer. I loved it.

Alright, other than that, this week was really uneventful. Thanks for the support and love. Keep praying for me. I need it.

Love you all!

Elder Carter

MOOCOW. (Taught that to a member a few days ago. It was hilarious to hear how they pronounced it.)

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