Monday, February 9, 2015

2 weeks in 1 . . again

But it's different this time! I'm going to share 2 weeks worth of stuff in 1 email!


Alejandra - She came to church this Sunday! WOO! We're set to get her there next week as well, and so we're going to try to get her baptized the 14th of March. We're pretty excited, and so is she. We're stoked.

We've been working with Less Actives lately, so we have little investigators.


1.) Well, we were in Rosarito buying some Blizzards from Dairy Queen to celebrate Elder Rose completing a full year in the mission, when all of a sudden, we see these girls standing around waiting for a taxi. We were waiting for the same one, so we just kinda stood a little ways off.

Suddenly, this car with this REALLY creepy looking guy with a chain around his necks, tattoos all over, and a really dumb looking pair of sunglasses stops his car next to them and is like,

"You girls want a ride?"

They look at each other, and Elder Rose and I were like, naw. They're not quite that thick are they?

Then, they looked back at the guy and started walking to the car.

Elder Rose and I were shocked when they got into the car with this creepy guy and drove off.

We're almost positive that they were kidnapped. It was just so incredibly weird.

2.) We got to participate in the blessing of a member's baby! His name is Joseph Nefi. It was pretty cool and he was crying a bunch afterwards, and couldn't stop thanking us for helping. It was really really awesome. Just as good as a baptism.

3.) I got the pictures of the vase that fell and broke. It was cleaned up by the time we showed up at church yesterday. I really don't know if it mattered much anyway, because I forgot about it until I saw the picture today.

4.) We had to walk up a super crazy ravine yesterday that was just insane. I took a picture of my companion at the top. It was nuts. I also sent a couple pictures of the sides of the hill we live on.

5.) We made some meat a couple days ago. We bought some meat from a nearby Abarrotes store (they're the little stores that are all over. Remember the tienditas?) and then we found some steak seasoning with some salt and pepper and marinated it for 2 days.

When we ate it, it was probably the most delicious meat I've had in a long time. It was SO good. I took pictures of it because it was so delicious.

6.) I took a picture of a really cool cloud formatin that we saw on our way over here. It was pretty cool, to be honest. Looked like a waterfall or something. The picture is kinda bad, but I was in a taxi, in my defense.

7.) I took a picture of what's on the back of a Preach My Gospel that I gave a member. It's so funny. That's how Mexico is percieved. Obi Juan Kenobi. Just hilarious.

8.) I'M SO TRUNKY. I DON'T WANT TO WORK SOMETIMES. What's the best cure for trunkiness? Someone know?

9.) There was a member here that complimented me on my Spanish. He said that out of all the North American missionaries he had met in his life, I spoke the best Spanish, and that my Spanish actually was better than many Mexican speakers because I actually used my grammar correctly. I was really happy about that. All those lessons with Dad finally paid off.

Okay, maybe I hyped that up a bit too much. But it was pretty cool anyway.

Thanks for all the support. Love you all dearly.

Elder Carter

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