Monday, February 16, 2015

Transfer 14

This is it. This is the start of Transfer number 14. After this one, 2 more to go until I'm home. Holy crud. This is just insane.


Alejandra - She didn't go to church. And we haven't been able to teach her much because this week she was constantly going around a bunch to a lot of different places. We've got an appointment fortomorrow. Let's hope she's there.

Family Guissar - A family we tracted into at Carranza. There are 4 members in total. Two are members and 2 aren't. We talked with them and gave them the Book of Mormon. However, we havne't been able to see them since Friday because of difficulties. We have an appointment for tomorrow and we're going to teach them Sabbath Day ASAP so they go. We just hope we have a couple new faces at church because of them.


This week was fairly un-eventful. I'll try to name a couple things, but honestly, not much happened.

1.) First thing that was kinda cool was that we went on Interchanges with our District Leader, Elder Munoz. He's a really cool guy. I worked a ton with him. For some reason, I always have a lot more confidence when I work with the leaders, because I think that even if I mess up with something, they can just fix it, and they'll make sure it works and stuff. Not only that, but when I'm with them, they try to show me how to work, and so they work pretty hard, and I have a lot more faith with a companion that works hard. If they contact in a taxi, I contact too. If they talk to someone on the street, I talk with someone else. Stuff like that. It was a good day, to be honest. I just kinda felt a little sad when he left.

2.) We had transfer day on Saturday, which basically means that they tell us what happens for the next transfer. It was hilaroius because ALL of the members were hoping that we both stayed, because they all love us a bunch. (I'll be honest, it's freakin AWESOME that they love us.) One of the members literally started crying and cried for like, 2 hours on Friday knowing that it was possibly one of the last days she would talk to us for a while. Anyway, when they told us we were both staying, we decided we were going to pull the biggest prank on them.

One of the North Americans here was really anxious about it, and told us to call him as soon as we got it, and so we did, and we told him that the church announced that missions were now just a year long, and that anyone who had a year or more was going home. And then that they had to remove all North Americans from Mexico because of racism and danger. He just got quiet after all that for a moment and then said:

"Well that's just stupid."

We laughed SO hard. He's got a pretty thick Southern accent, so it just sounded like,

"Wlats jusstewpid."

We died. Then we told him we were staying, and he killed us again with:

"Oh thank God. I prayed all night last night that you guys would stay."

It was pretty cool.

Then we went around, since it was Sunday, and started telling everyone that we were both going, and that they were going to close Primo Tapia.

It was so funny. Some people were really sad (especially the member who cried on Friday), and others were like, NO! DON'T GO! PLEASE! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!

At the end of the day, everyone knew we were staying and they were all just SO happy.

It makes me happy to know how much they love us. I know that if I end up here one day because of some weird circumstance, I will have help from them.

That was a party and a half right there.

3.) I fall asleep in our taxi. Every single trip we make to Rosarito, I fall asleep in the taxi. It's like, a 20-30 minute drive, and I honestly CANNOT keep my eyes open after about 5. It's just crazy. One of these days I'm scared that Elder Rose will fall asleep too and we'll wake up in China or something.

4.) I found this outhouse for sale. Honestly. It's just an outhouse. And they're selling it. We should buy it in case of emergencies. I mean, what happens if one day, we're here and we have to use the bathroom? We can't just barge into property that isn't ours right?

I find that after I write my family, I really don't have much to say at the end of the day. It's just so hyped up in my mind, and then it goes nowhere at the end. I gotta start writing this stuff down.

Thanks for the support and love and prayers. Love you all dearly.

Elder Carter

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