Monday, February 2, 2015

2 weeks in 1

It feels like I haven't been able to write you guys for over 2 weeks. Seroiusly, it was a long week this week.


Alejandra - Turns out that we found her again, and she's more resolute than ever to get to church. She had an emergency where her 5 year old nephew broke out into hives right before church, so she didn't go this week, but next week, she said she was going to go without any other doubt in her mind. Stoked for her.


1.) This week, turns out that I drank Volcanic Ash. Not even joking. There's a member here who gave us some water with Volcanic Ash inside. Apparently, that stuff was around 2000 degrees at one point, and so it's just pure minerals. Because of that, it's super healthy to drink and use. I tried some and it honestly didn't taste bad. It was just water, but healthier. Then, they swished the ash around in the jug and poured me another glass. THAT was the gross part. It felt like I had dirt in my mouth as I was drinking it. The worst part was that the taste was like burnt stuff. Just imagine burnt paper with water. It was gross.

2.) My companion got REALLY sick this past week to the point where we coudln't work for about 3 days. It was rough. Then, just as he gets better, I messed up my knee pretty bad and I just couldn't walk, so we lost ANOTHER day. We worked a total of like, 3 days this past week.

3.) Elder Rose and I had a good philosophical disscussion a couple days ago where we talked about how truth and intelligence work or something like that. It was pretty hard for me to follow. My comp's a total powerhouse in Philosophy. However, I ended up feeling like we pretty much ended up on the same page. I just think of things much simpler I guess, and that's why we had differing opinions. We ended up talking about it for 3 hours. It was pretty cool.

4.) The reason this week feels like it was 2 in one is because of how many changes in attitude my companion had. At the beginning of the week, he was ready to about leave the mission, and now, he's just SO ready to start working again. I really don't know how it all happened, and for a while, I had to just struggle with him. It was really rough for a few weeks. It's all good now.

5.) I forgot my camera in the house, but I do have a pretty cool story. So, on Sunday, we left the windows of the chapel open, and it got REALLY windy. Turns out, it blew over a glass vase in the chapel and it spilled everywhere. When we got there to shut the windows, we saw it spilled and we were like, (as a joke because of some really dumb excuses from people) "THAT'S IT. I'M LEAVING THE CHURCH. HOW IS IT THAT GOD LETS A VASE FALL OVER IN HIS HOUSE?" Then we went on a rapping spree because of the speakers there. It was pretty fun.

6.) We are SO POOR. Because of the largeness of our area, we are just so poor all the time because we have to spend a boatload of money on just taxi fares alone. It's pretty darn hard. The worst part is that we can't get any more money unless the President approves it. We're really struggling.

I guess maybe this week didn't have so many cool occurances as it was just long and difficult. That might have been why so much happened. But anyway, that's all for this week. Sorry for no pictures, but I completely forgot them in my house. I'll get them to you next week.

Thanks for the support. Love you all.

Elder Carter

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