Monday, March 30, 2015


That´s right! I got transferred to Ensenada! Here is where I finish. I will be coming home in 3 months. My companion is named Elder Luna, and he is going home this transfer, so no doubt where I go for my last transfer in the mission.


None for my new sector, but I´ll write about the last ones.

Joellen - She came to church again! Really nice lady. She wants me to come back to confirm her. I hope all goes well with teaching her, because she had problems with the Word of Wisdom when I left....

Amador - We didn´t have enough money left to visit him on Sunday... It looks like he´s interested though, because apparently he wanted to know who Joseph Smith was. We´ll see how that goes.

We´re starting a new initiative this month called Gracias a que Él Vive. Gotta start giving those cards out all I can.


1.) Gotta be brief because I don´t have much time left. So, the first one is actually a miracle that happened. So, you remember how we ate with an American family a couple weeks ago that had the programmer there? Well, I actually wanted to get his email address to be able to keep in contact. Maybe I could end up landing a sweet job working for Microsoft because he puts in a good word, you know?

Anyway, so I didn´t have any way to talk to him again to get it, so I was just worried about the fact that I wouldn´t be able to even get it. I then decided to pray and I said that if it were at ALL possible, please help me to get in contact with him one last time so I can keep in touch.

Well, that day in Walmart while buying food, we met this lady who asked us what ward we were in. We told her and she told us she was living in Rosarito. Pretty nice lady, and we didn´t think too much about it.

Later on that day, we were sitting in the taxi base, waiting for one to come by when this black car rolls up. Inside is this lady with her husband!

In the mission, we have a rule that unless we know someone personally, we can´t get into their car. So Heavenly Father placed his wife in our path so we could get to know her a little, so that we could get in the car with them!

Turns out, THEY WERE GOING TO VISIT THIS FAMILY! I was just so amazed. Honestly. It was insane.

Well, I managed to call them while they were there, and I got his email address. So now, I´ve got a contact in Microsoft. Talk about a miracle.

2.) We were also waiting for a taxi with Jason, the American, when it suddenly passes by and we miss it. So Jason just gets in his car and is like,

"We´re gonna chase it down."

So, we did. He got up to 80 miles an hour chasing this taxi for like, 10 minutes. It was crazy. We ended up passing it, and then we got out a little ahead and flagged down the taxi, got in, and went home. It was awesome. I felt like we were in a pursuit in like, Fast in Furious or something. haha

3.) Elder Rose and I started throwing eggs at the stray dogs here. Well, honestly, just Elder Rose. I didn´t have the heart to do it. He didn´t hit anything, but he did scare off a dog and a cat pretty bad. It was hilarious.

4.) We got our light bill stolen, and so we couldn´t pay it, and they cut our light! We had to mexicanize our house and string an extension cord from the apartment below us to the one we were in to have some electricity for the fridge and microwave. We were going by flashlight and candle light all weekend. It´s kinda cool to shower by candle light.

5.) I realized the other day that I´m almost done. I´m about ready to finish. I can´t believe it. I remember the first day on the mission when I ate IHOP with grandma and grandpa and took a small nap in the car before entering the MTC, and now I´m about ready to go home. Holy wow. I´m pretty amazed.

But with that realization comes a bit of frustration. Life is constantly moving on. I´m grown up now. No more Veggietales, no more Disney VHS movies, no more riding bikes with Derek at the school, all of that is now in the past. My life is onward. I can´t stop it. I just want to go back to those times sometimes and enjoy them more, you know? I really miss it.

Okay, well, this is it, people. My last two transfers in them mission. Who knows what will happen? I could baptize, maybe not, but who knows? All I know is that I just gotta TRY my best. Even if I fail, at least I tried. God can work with failure from effort, but not with failure to act. So, if I want God to change me these last few months, I just need to act. Who cares if I´m not a leader or anything? That´s all hype anyway. And more responsibility. And a little more frustration.

So this is it, folks! My last 12 emails will be coming through from Barrio Hidalgo in Ensenada, and after that, I will be 100% normal again. Wish me luck.

Thanks for the support and love I have received from all of you. I miss you all a ton, and I can´t wait to catch up when we see each other again.


Elder Carter

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