Monday, March 2, 2015

Rough Week

We had a lot of problems this week, but the biggest ones are the ones that really killed us.

Sadly, we have run out of all investigators right now. We've found a couple people, but we haven't been able to teach them, so we're basically stuck right now looking for good new investigators. We have a couple potential people, so we're going to keep praying.


1.) All of my shirts were burned in a dryer. All of my CLOTHES actually. It was really sad. I have huge stains from the burns all of the shirts, and so this week, I've been using, for the WHOLE WEEK, shirts that came from another Elder. It was really sad to me. I have to get new ones today, because the Elder needs his shirts tomorrow... I included pictures to show the difference between the other Elder's shirts and mine in color. I've got yellow shirts now. Not white. haha

2.) There's this dog that we see all the time who sits down at the bottom waiting for us to feed him because we usually toss him down our spare food we don't eat. We named him Sparky. He's such an adorable little guy.

3.) There's a member here that has an Xbox 360 controller that didn't work because the battery pack discharged, so he just hooked it up to the wall through a charger and it worked. It was hilarious.

4.) Last Monday, we were looking for something to eat, or where to eat, and we went into this restaraunt to ask if they accepted cards. They said no, so we left, but JUST as we were leaving, some really nice woman, non-member, told us she would pay for us! It was really nice of her. We ate a pretty good meal. There you go. Miracle.

5.) I actually saw the corruption in the government here in Mexico. We were waiting at a stop sign for a taxi, and we watched this car get pulled over. The cop got out of his car, and started walking towards the driver's side of the car he pulled over. As he did so, the passenger got out, went up to the cop and shook his hand. As soon as he did, the cop turned around, got in his car, and drove off. I'm pretty sure he paid him or was really good friends with him. Kinda sad right?

6.) My companion got chased by a duck. It was hilarious. We were walking by a house and all of a sudden, this duck just appears out of nowhere. We keep walking, thinking he's just going to go on his merry way, when suddenly, he starts following us.

My companion freaks out and just starts running, and when he does, the duck starts running after him, with his wings spread out. It was hilarious! He just ran in circles, and I just watched and laughed as this duck ran in circles to bite my companion. He picked up a rock and threw it and got the duck to go away, and basically we just had a hard time keeping straight faces for a bit. Pretty hilarious.

7.) Someone threw rocks at the church! They broke two windows, and we found the rocks on the inside of the building. Since it's been raining so much here, it was actually pretty surprising that it wasn't all wet inside. We don't know who did it or anything, but we do know that they targeted the church specifically. Probably some Christian church or something. We don't know.

8.) We contacted a guy a couple days ago and we asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ, and he says:

"I don't even believe in the pants I put on."

Then he proceeded to talk about how he was a believer and how we are from yesterday and that where he was from, he met everyone. I honestly didn't understand anything from what he said. It was hilarious though, that he made it clear that he didn't believe in his pants. At least we know he won't pray to the Pants God and thank him for covering his nakedness every day.

We're working a lot on trying to contact 10 people every day. It's really hard because many people don't want to listen to us in certain situations. We can't contact people working because they just wave us off and say they're busy. People that are walking really don't want to stop because they're just in a hurry usually. The only places we can contact are when they just sit outside their house or when we're in taxis. That's about it.

Okay, well, I gotta wrap this up. Still gotta go buy my shirts and stuff. Thanks for the support and the love. I definitely need it right now.

See you all later.

Elder Carter

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