Monday, March 9, 2015

Pues Si

This week is going to be fast, because I really don't have much time to talk. We are still out of investigators, but I've got a couple things to talk about:

1.) We are teaching this lady that has a husband that investigated the church. She's a non-member but we haven't really gotten much out of her but questions and doubt. What was hilarious was what happened with her husband after a bit of time talking with her and trying to explain that she's just got to ask about the Book of Mormon. We read the promise in Moroni (It's a lot shorter in English than SPanish.) and then said that that's her way to know about this stuff, and her husband says this:

"You know, I got really sick once, so I decided to read the Book of Mormon. I read that promise and stuff and I asked God about it, and guess what?"

We all got silent. I was SO scared he was going to say he hadn't got an answer. And then he said:


It was awesome.

2.) Speaking of English, we actually taught in English for quite a while because we put some appointments with people who only spoke English. It was really interesting to see how much I've learned after teaching in Spanish for so long.

3.) I actually really like eating like the poor people here, because it's really fun to buy some tortillas, some avocado, a small block of cheese and a bit of beans and make that feed like, 5 people. I found out that they don't eat until they are full, they just eat until they are no longer hungry. Pretty fun.

4.) Last thing, as we were headed home after a meeting yesterday, we saw a car that was on fire. We have no idea what happened, but it was sitting on the side of a road, on fire. It's still there, but no longer on fire.

Okay, that's all. I'll probably get more this next week. Sorry for the short letter. The dentist's office killed my time this week.

Elder Carter

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