Monday, January 13, 2014

Grueling week. Absolutely exhausted.

Have you ever had a week where you just felt so exhausted that you cannot even imagine how you will get through the next day?

I felt like that all week.

Honestly, one of the hardest parts of a mission is the fact that if you lose ANY sleep, you lose it for 2 years. This week I've lost around 3 hours. I'm exhausted, but I cannot sleep. It's so hard.

Anyway, thanks for the letters of encouragement from you all. It makes me feel at least a little better to know that there are people who will tell me I'm doing my best, when every other person in this mission will tell me no.

Anyway, cool stuff that happened.

1.) I accidentally drank the tap water. It's horrible for you, and nothing happened. I'm officially immune to Tijuana water. Does this mean I can come home now?

2.) Elder K, the only other Elder in my Zone in the MTC that went to Tijuana besides my companion, got moved into my Zone from special transfers, and we're finally talking about cool stuff that happened. Funny guy. It feels good to reunite with him after around 5 months of straight missionary work.

3.) The end of the Christmas season finally hit Tijuana. Look at the picture of all of the trees just thrown away. Really weird actually.

4.) We found a soccer ball on the side of the road and took it home. I can finally practice soccer for my personal exercise every morning. I love it. I'm actually starting to get really good at it.

5.) Elder M finally left my Zone. He was here in this Zone for around 7 months. Poor guy. Finally left to go to San Luiz. Again, poor guy. Whatever. He's a baws. Sure he'll do just fine. He's actually sitting on his last 6 months and he has the funniest saying:

When you arrive on your mission, and for around the first 2 months, it's super hard to get up at 6:30.
When you hit a year, getting up at 6:30 is heaven. It's super easy and almost fun.
When you hit your last 6 months, it's impossible to get up at 6:30.

He actually refuses to say to Americans that he's on his last 6 months. He kept telling me he had just over a year. Really dedicated.

6.) I think I finally figured out the difference between a conversation and talking. I was talking with Elder M on an exchange, and we were pretty quiet. He and I are both naturally quiet, but I didn't want him to be quiet. He knows a ton about missionary work, and so I started to ask him questions about missionary work.
He gave the answers, but he didn't really sound too interested. I began to ask him about his personal life. He started talking a TON about stuff he did at home, and I just sat back and listened. Only if he asked me a question did I relate to him anything about at home.

I'm not saying this to brag, but to be honest, I was really proud of myself for finally understanding that people like to talk about themselves, and the more they talk, and the more you listen, the better your friendship gets. He's a really cool guy, Elder M.

I also found out that after listening to him for around 10 minutes talk about a girl he's hoping to marry at home, he asked me about girls back home. I just said a few sentences about my life, and he immediately offered words of advice about it. He was so willing to help me out I was astonished, to be honest.

I dunno if that's just too much, but I was really proud that I managed to hold back my personal desire to share with him my life and just let him talk.

Hmm... What else is there? I really can't think of a ton.

Oh yeah! No money in the bank since 2 Mondays ago. I'm gonna have to withdraw a few bucks to keep us afloat here. I honestly don't know where my companion's money goes. I have around 400 pesos left from my withdrawal on my Mission Card, and he's literally down to 3 pesos in total. I just don't know how he manages to lose it all. oh well. Hopefully he'll reimburse me. So, in advance, I'm really sorry to have to withdraw a little from the account, but we really won't be able to function without a little help.

Alright. I'd say that's it. Kind of a bum-out letter again this week. Sorry. I should be more positive huh?

I just keep looking forward to the day where I get transferred out. Then the burdens of this ward will be lifted and I can start fresh.

Good luck with your tests, Tennis matches, friendships, jobs, and whatever else you need it for.

I pray for you guys every day. Well, every day but Sunday. Sunday I pray for you guys AND Jack. Cuz, well, he just needs blessings once a week. He's so dang lazy he probably doesn't even use the blessings I give him.

Alright. I'm done. Really. Love you all to little itty-bitty bits. Kinda creepy, but true.

Take care.

Elder Carter

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