Tuesday, January 21, 2014


So, yeah. This week was like, Planch city for me. But I'll talk about that later.
First off, my last letter home. It sounded a little bleak and that I was just beyond reason.
I'm fine.

That week was more complaining than cool stuff that happened. Don't worry this week is much better.

1.) So, you guys remember that huge bunch of trees that I showed last week? Someone lit 'em on fire. Yup.
FFFFFTTTTT with a lighter and then ran. It was nuts. The flames were like, 30 feet high. The heat was so intene that about 50 feet away we felt it. INSIDE A CAR. Pretty cool though. Not gonna lie.

2.) This probably is only funny to Dad, but it's just so funny I had to share it. I don't know if many of you remember Madagascar, but in that movie, there's a part where Marty the Zebra says "OH SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA!" In Spanish, Dad, he says "MIERCOLES". I died laughing, and my companion didn't get it. Oh well. Just something funny for Dad I guess.

3.) We received our first North American girls this transfer! It was really weird to see one of them for the first time in 6 months. Kinda forgot they existed in North American, to be honest. (Is that bad to say?) Just kinda something different that was pretty interesting.

4.) So I got planched hardcore. PMG pages 10-11, and then later in Helaman 10:4-5. Great stuff man. Planched me to the bone.

5.) There's no time on the mission! I mean, I have like 2 hours total every day that I can use for whatever I want, and I have a bunch of stuff I gotta do! At home, i'd just study Preach My Gospel for those 2 hours, but here, I can't do that! I gotta get ready for bed, eat, read the BoM, and a bunch of other stuff. There's just no time to get anything personal done.

6.) Some member told Sister C, the little girl that was recently baptized, that she's a child of sin because she isn't white. She was scratching herself to look white when we showed up. Poor girl. We gotta do something about that member too. Not the first time we've had problems with him.

7.) People in Baja California don't draw Florida when they draw a map freehand. Like, when they need to draw the Americas, they just don't draw Florida, and draw baja California instead. It's really weird looking.

8.) Savanna and Katie, do you remember that there were like, a Gajillion dogs here in Tijuana? Do you know what else that means? That's right: a gajillion little dog poops everywhere. I think I've stepped in more dog poop than in all my life. It's so gross to show up at the end of the day, and smell something really bad, look at my shoe (AGAIN) and see that dog poop has just lovingly appeared on the bottom. Great stuff.

Anyway, I gotta get moving. Thanks for your support, and sorry for sounding like I'm so bummed out here. It's just been a little hard for me. But I was just being a little wimpy for about a week. I'm good now. Ready to just start drowning all these people in the font.

See you guys later. Thanks for praying for me. I really needed it.

Elder Carter

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