Monday, June 2, 2014

Fairly Normal

This week was pretty boring. To be honest, there wasn´t really anything super cool or anything like that. Just a regular week of trucking along, shoving your body up the hills, and hoping that at the top it´s the end.

My line of investigators is really big right now, but we only have like, 4 that are progressing. Here´s the lineup:

Brother G - He´s a guy that lives in an apartment that he´s fixing up. They pay him to fix the apartment, and he pays the rent that way. It´s a really weird set up there. The problem he´s got right now is drinking. He just can´t quit. We really worked hard with him 2 weeks ago, and he still drinks. He comes to church every single week, but just can´t stop drinking. We had our Hail Mary lesson with him a couple of days ago, and we committed him to live the Word of Wisdom. We´ll see what his progress is. If he doesn´t stop drinking, he can´t be baptized....

Sister M - Really cool guy that makes hamburgers. Don´t know a whole lot about him, as we just met him once. He´s apparently been to church 3 times before I got here. So we´ll see how it goes with him. He seems really interested.

Brother C - This guy is amazing! He´s had some really awesome experiences already, and he´s got a couple of problems with Law of Chastity or Word of Wisdom, but he´s already stopped with the PdS (Palabra de Sabiduria). Also, we just taught him about the LoC, and I´m pretty sure we´ll be able to baptize him this week.

Mama M (don´t remember the name) - She´s the mother of a Young Woman we have in the ward. She´s a nonmember that knows everything. She answers all of our questions perfectly, and already knows that the Book of Mormon is true. She just ISN´T MARRIED. I HATE THAT.

Everyone here breaks the Law of Chastity. That´s the biggest problem in all the mission is people who aren´t married. SO ANNOYING. But whatever. We´ll see what God does to make it all work out.

Ummm.... I guess I will  just talk a little about the jokes that we have.

One of our running jokes is a lady that we met. She´s super humble, lives in basically a dump, and she works hard for her family. However, she just went off the deep-end one day. We were trying to invite her to church, and she started just like, shouting,

"GOD IS THE ONLY LORD OVER ALL THE EARTH, BLESSED, BEAUTIFUL HEART." (Not joking. That is word for word, in English, what she shouted)

This lady was always saying DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? DO YOU GET WHAT I´M SAYING? I think she said it just because we were gringos, but who knows. Anyway, now we just say that all the time, just like, I say:

"We should go visit the Sanchez family. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

Just a bunch of jokes like that that make our day super great. That, and we´re constantly trying to kick rocks in between our legs while we´re walking to score a goal. I´m really bad at soccer I found out.

Honestly, I have very little to report that´s super awesome. Just like, a normal week of working. I do know I´ve been sending some pretty lame pictures. But hey, I don´t know how to take good ones! What do I do? How do I tell them I want one? Stuff like that. Whatever. I´ll try to get better ones this week. I know I say that every week, but this week, for sure. This time really. Really this time for sure.

I will send a little more on Saturday. With more pictures. Maybe of rocks or plants or something interesting like that. Cuz we all know that we need more pictures of rocks as memories.

Elder Carter

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