Friday, June 27, 2014

Smells Like Home!!


So, we showed up at the offices today, and I was SUPER excited, because the Carreón family had to cross the line ONE LAST TIME to notify the post office that the names would be changing on the authorized people to pick up packages. And of course, they were going to pick up packages that were there.

Well, they got back, and I was at the line with Elder Diaz because he needed someone to accompany him there. I was leaving at around noon when I got a call from my companion telling me that Hermana Carreón had returned and there wasn´t a package there for me, because he checked.

I got into the offices, and I was super depressed, because I was sure that the packages had gotten across. I asked Elder Galaviz (the old guy in charge of the packages after they get here) and he told me he didn´t see one, so then I told him (as a joke) that he had to call me when he saw mine.

Well, I caught up a little bit with Elder Clingo and Elder Hesterman (they are the best. We´re going to just rock the world when we get back.) and then I headed out.

We sat down at the street, waiting for a bus, and it never arrived. I was sitting there thinking (aw man. I dunno what happened to my package.)

Then, I get a call on the phone from Elder Galaviz!


I nearly died.

Got the package, and now I´m the happiest person in the history of the universe. My pillow still smells like home. I miss that smell.

So I took some pictures. One has me looking kinda fat because I had to lean back a little in my chair so that I fit into the frame. The other two are just of me being super happy. Oh, and the pillow still smells like home. (Did I already say that?)

HOLY COW I´M GONNA BE 20. That seems so surreal. Like, I don´t feel that old. I thought 20 years old, I´d have everything figured out by now. But no. I don´t even know what the heck I´m going to do in a year when I get back. I dunno where I´m gonna get a job, what I´m going to do for school, or even what in the world I´m going to do for living. Just a bunch of stuff I have no idea about. But I know I´ve got 2 of the smartest people in the world that can help me out with that.

My companion is from the Dominican Republic. He´s the 4th of 6 children, and he speaks very little English. Like, he understands quite a bit, but can´t talk very well because he gets frustrated really easily trying to form the sentences. He´s been a member his whole life, and he´s actually pretty cool. 

Okay, I gotta keep moving I have a ton of emails from Riley that I gotta answer.

Love you. Thanks for the package. I love every bit of it.

Elder Carter

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