Monday, June 9, 2014

Mexico Tijuana Mission 2.0


That`s right, it`s Monday again, and we`re looking at a beautiful day of PURE JOY!

It was transfers today! I have officially left the offices and become a regular missionary.

I`m so happy now it`s ridiculous. My new companion is Elder C from the Dominican Republic. He`s been a really strong leader for almost his whole mission, so the fact that he is with me means he knows what he`s doing. I`m so excited to learn from him.

I didn`t take a picture with him yet because we haven`t really had the time to do it. I`ll get one for the next week though.

This week was the last week I worked with Brother G, Brother C, and all of them from Libertad. I don`t really know what will become of them, but I taught them all that I could, and I know they are in good hands.

I`ve got no new investigadors right now because 1) I haven`t even entered into my sector, and 2) WE`RE OPENING THE AREA!

That`s right, we`re starting completely from scratch.

We have no baptismal dates, and no map, basically we have nothing at all. It`s going to be a blast to set up our little sector and manage it well. I`m stoked.

But yeah, outside of all of that, I think this week was pretty normal. I`ll just talk about a couple things that have happened and then end it with the pictures I took.

1.) So, this being my last week with my companions, we went to Dairy Queen. The pictures attached to this email are of me, Elder C, and Elder G enjoying the Mexican Ice Cream. Super delicious.

2.) I`m about to hit the year mark! I`m so scared. Like, the first year of my mission passed by so fast it`s ridiculous. I mean, the first 2-3 months were slow, but after that it just cruised by. Like, I don`t even remember the months between December and March. I`m running out of time here.

I guess I really don`t have all that much to say. This week was just a lot of working, and nothing really funny or cool happened. We`re probably going to be having a lot funnier experiences for the next few weeks because we don`t know what`s going on. But we`re going to see how it goes here in a little bit.

I guess mostly I`m just super sad at the same time.

I really am going to miss those guys in the offices.

Not the offices. I hate the offices with a fiery passion. But the people there are great. Elder H, Elder C, Elder G, and Elder D. We just had a bunch of awesome nights together for a transfer. I`m going to miss them a bunch.

Also, I`m going to miss Elder M. He heads back tomorrow morning. Mom and Dad, he`s going to be bringing back my temple clothes. I have no use for them here, and they just take up space. I wanted to get some letters or stuff from Mexico, but I had no time to get it all in there. So, be expecting him to get in contact with you through Email or Facebook really soon.

Alright, I`ll send pictures of all the people I can right now. Hope you`ll stick around for the next email.

Love you all.

Elder Carter

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