Monday, December 15, 2014


This week was VERY rough for me. Saddest part is right at the start.

We lost Brother A.

We haven't been able to get in contact with him since last Thursday! Man! He was going so well, too!

Since we haven't been able to find him, we have no good investigators again. We've been contacting a ton, but no one wants anything. Just gotta keep trying I guess.

Cool things:

1.) It rained A TON here. It rained so much that there were floods. It was crazy. I took a picture of a point where the drainage was. The water was black.


How gross is that?

2.) We had a Zone Conference that was quite honestly THE best Zone Conference I've ever had. The President gave one of the best trainings I've ever received, and the testimonies of those that were leaving was just too much for me to handle. I cried. I'll admit it. It was a great experience. Best of the mission.

3.) There's a cat that sits with me when we go to wash our clothes. I sit down and he comes over and jumps into my lap and stays there for a while. I took a picture of him so that you could all see how awesome it is.

4.) Brother A was pretty awesome this week. He told us something that I really loved. We taught him about fasting, and this is what he replied after I testified of how it could help him conquer his addiction:

"Carter, por que no me dijiste antes de lo del ayuno?"
(Carter, why didn't you tell me about fasting before?)

It just showed how much progress he was making. He's by far our priority this week.

5.) I took a picture of the coast a little bit further down from our house. pretty cool right?

6.) I took a picture with Elder G. He's a great guy.

When I showed up at the beginning of my time in Mexico, I showed up in Postal, right when he had left. I heard so much about how awesome he was.

I didn't meet him until around a year later, he came to the house of the assistants for a training.

He's such a great guy. Honestly. He's SO awesome. Really kind, and he listens to everyone, and just loves everyone and everything. Great guy.

I had been struggling in the mission for a little while, and when he came to the house again on interchanges with another elder, I talked with him, and he reassured me that I was a great Elder.

When he sang on the concert we had for Christmas, I wanted to congratulate him, because he goes home early for school today. I gave him my contact information, and I wanted to take a picture too.

Literally, not even joking, the first thing he told me when I came up to him was,

"Elder Carter, you're a great missionary."

I love this guy.

7.) Taylor sent me a package! It had this awesome tie, and I tried to pose fancily for a fancy tie. Did I pull it off? It's the tie I'm wearing as I type right now.

8.) Some guy recently ran by us on a horse and asked us if we had seen 2 loose horses running around.

I'm proselyting in a ranch.

And there you have it! The rundown for the week. I hope you all had a fantastic one, and keep posted for the next one right before Christmas! Thanks for the support. Keep on Truckin.

Elder Carter

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