Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekly Letter #1

Hey guys! It's my first letter on my mission!

That happened 18 months ago. Holy crud. I'm old.

Okay, investigators dropped. We're still working with Alfonzo, but I don't know really how far he's going to get right now. I'll explain it after this week. It's the trial. Just know this: I need as many prayers in his behalf as possible. I'm serious. Everyone pray for Alfonzo. Specifically, pray that he can quit smoking.


Okay, I gotta move fast. We're out of time, but I'm going to send the most I can.

1.) The pictures are of the mud that accumulated on my shoes this week from the rain, what it looks like JUST outside of Primo Tapia, the sky with a LOVELY shade of pink, me being Bear Grylls in a Crevahce (spelled for the British Accent. Took a video too. Super hilaroius.) and service of cleaning the tank of Squishy, the fish of Angela, one of the best members here. Finished product is there as well.

Okay, here we go. Cool stuff:

1.) We found a small little puppy this week and I felt super bad for him. He was hungry, cold, and forgotten. I picked him up and we started looking for a home for him. We found one after around an hour looking. Poor little guy. He's going to be okay now, but poor guy was whining the whole time because of the cold.

2.) There was a miracle of foresight by Heavenly Father: At the beginning of this week, I had an impression to check my oil holder. I looked at it and it was empty, and I felt like I needed to get oil to fill it.

So, we started looking and didn't find it for a couple days.

Then, we went to walmart where I FINALLY found Olive Oil and I was able to refill my container.

Literally one day later, I used the oil twice.

It was incredible. I hadn't even known these people were going to be sick, and yet, the Lord prepared me for that. It was super awesome.

3.) One of the brothers here is a massager guy. In Spanish, the word is Sobador. Anyway, he knows a little about how to give massages to help correct spines and stuff. So, we went to him because my spine has been acting up for a while, and he started popping bones and joints I didn't even know I had. After we finished, I felt SO great. Holy cow. We have 2 more appoitnments on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm excited.

4.) Americans came to sacrament meeting on Sunday! It was super cool! Just one of the Moms (there were 2) spoke Spanish, and the rest were pure English. I got to translate a little bit for them, and I managed to talk with them a little bit. They are going to be here for vacations until Sunday, so we're going to go with them to deliver small care packages on Wednesday, and then they want their boys to go on splits with us on one visit on Friday. I'm going to take pictures and maybe even ask for facebooks of them. They're super cool. I talked with them after church for a bit and they are just great people.

It was really refreshing to talk to a normal, non-mexican LDS family after a while, and I'll try to explain why.

Families here in Mexico are different than the ones in the United States. Faithful families here aren't like the ones there. The main difference is that faithful families here are the ones that come to church and have callings and fulfill them. Faithful families in the United States are the ones that hold family home evenings, family scripture study, and ALSO go to church and fulfill callings. The difference is notable, and I was really pleased to talk with them for a while. I felt like I was back at home again for a few moments.

Okay, so, I gotta get moving, but please, pray for Alfonzo and also for me. I need some help. Just pray that Alfonzo can quit smoking, and that I can get through this transfer.

Love you all, and see some of you on the 25th!

Bye everyone!

Elder Carter

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