Monday, September 9, 2013

Answered Questions

Did you have a Zone Conference this week?  Zone Conference was awesome. Met lots of new Elders and finally spoke English without restraint. It was cool.

Did you get to see Tyson?  Yes! I saw Tyson! He's almost 21! It's crazy! The first thing he asked me was: "Why are you so tall? What happened?"

Does it rain a lot in Tijuana?  It doesn't really rain here. When it DOES rain, it's a quick burst, and then it's done. However, after rain it gets HOT. Like, 90 degrees hot.

How much money gets put on your Debit Card each month?  We get 800 pesos every 15 days on our debit card.

Can you drink the water?  They actually gave me a water bottle with a filter that lasts a year, and a replacement for it at the MTC! So I'm able to drink whatever water I want. I don't drink it straight from the tap though. It's really dangerous because the people here just filter out the bad stuff, and not the bacteria/germs or whatever.

Have you been drinking Manzana Lift?  Not really. I can't really drink it a lot because most people just have water. Manzana Lift is kinda pricy here, but I've drank it before! It was great. I also ate Mamuts! Great memories there.

Did you get our "Greeny" package?  Got the package! But I only receive packages at Zone Conferences. Our next one is in like, October around 15th, I think, but I don't know. So if you want to send a package, send it around then if it has perishables.

Have you been receiving printed copies of Dear Elder Letter in the mail?  I haven't been getting any Dear Elders. I don't think I can get them.

Hopefully that's all! Love you

Elder Carter

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