Monday, September 30, 2013


So it's my first transfer!

I don't go anywhere.

Elder Ponce is our new District Leader, and we're going to be receiving a new North American on Tuesday! I'm so excited!

Okay, so I admit it, I was pretty roughed up last week. I tried my best to kinda just brush it off, but last week was really brutal.

Elder Ponce has been very impatient with my Spanish lately, and he's been kinda helping me in a way that isn't so loving and kind. I feel bad for him. I'm so bad at Spanish, and he's gotta deal with me saying "Yo sabo" everywhere. (Not really yo sabo, but you get the picture.)

I'm starting to understand a LOT more Spanish in the Gospel than ever before. I actually followed an entire conversation about the Temple! Not only that, but I managed to actually REPLY. Talk about Gift of Tongues!
During this past week, I've felt awful. We have 3 people that really show me what it means to be a Latter Day Saint.

1.) Hermana Porfiria. The nicest, sweetest, kindest little old lady you'll ever meet in your entire life. She lives in a small cement box (pretty much) and has very little money. She works as a maid for the family that we live with (we don't let her clean our apartment because we need to do it on P Day.) She has the strongest testimony I've ever heard in my life. We show up and talk to her, and even though she's paid for this 2.5 Liter Soda, she offers us the biggest glasses she can find and gives us as much as she can. Her husband is Less active, and she says she prays that someday he can return to the church. I left her home one day crying. I love her so much, and I literally don't even want her to have to get our cups for us. She's just fantastic, and I cried because I have been so selfish compared to her. She's really changed me.

2.) Hermano Sergio, is a member, and Hermana Sarah Estrada. Sarah is our investigator. Hermana Sarah has a testimony of the church, but that's not why she's impacted me. What really impacted me was how willing she was to just do anything for us. She won't accept us saying no to anything. All she does is feed us and give us fruit while we visit, because she says "Servants of the Lord are too important to withhold from" (something like that.)

Hermano Sergio. is her husband. He's a member, and he is so kind it's crazy. He has a briefcase where he keeps his scriptures, but more importantly, he has every single certificate of everything. Baptism, Aaronic Priesthood, Melchizedek, and High Priest. He also has his line of authority. I hold him in one of my highest respects. He told us something that I can't ever forget:

"Things of the Lord are first, above any other thing. If the Lord calls you to serve, you do not hesitate to stop whatever you are doing and follow him."

Three great people. I really need to work on my testimony.

Okay, that's all for this week. It's been kinda uneventful. We had no investigators progress this week, so we're kinda sad about that. But we're confident we'll have their progression continue this upcoming week.
I'll send some pictures here really soon.

If someone took all the prayers I've said and wrote them down, you'd probably think I was obsessed with my family I pray about you so much.

Love you all.

Elder Carter

First is of my bowling during one of our activities.

Second is of our District and Zone Leaders at our last District Meeting.

Third is of this ENORMOUS pizza that a family bought for us to eat during lunch. It was so delicious, and quite large.

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