Monday, September 16, 2013

Q and A

Do you cook your own dinner?
Yes. We can't eat dinner until after our planning session at 9:00, so really, we just eat whatever we want after. Usually I just eat cereal because it's fast, simple, really filling, and takes a little while to eat. I don't really want to make a 5 course meal with sides or whatever.

Do you ever play soccer in the streets with the kids?
No. We can't do that because we need to be SUPER careful around kids. "Due to increasing legal complexities surrounding children, be extremely careful around them." It's basically just something we shouldn't do.

What kind of service projects do you do for people?
We actually don't do much service, because most people don't want you to do it for them if they can do it. Spanish people are naturally very very kind people, and they really don't want you doing work when it's their job. The first service project we WERE going to do cancelled because he didn't get the truck in with the furniture (we were going to help him move some furniture into his house).

Does your mission president speak English?
Very little.

When are the next transfers and do you think you or your comp will be transferred?
Transfers are every 6 weeks. This is week 5 since I arrived, but we won't actually transfer until after this NEXT 6 weeks. Training is a full 12 weeks total with your trainer, so I won't actually be transferred until 7 weeks from now.

Do you ever go on splits with other Elders?
No. I can't. We aren't allowed to go on splits unless it's authorized by the Zone Leaders or higher. Not only that, but the nearest Elders are around 5 miles away, so a change would cost a few pesos to make.

Is there a McDonalds in your area?  Costco?  Target?
McDonalds is about 3 miles away, Carl's Jr. is about 1 mile away. No Costo, no Target. Mostly there are these stores called "OXXO" which are so popular you can stand at one, look down the street, and see like 3 more about 3 blocks down. It's nuts how popular they are here. They're like gas stations, but with no bathrooms and a little more in terms of food and stuff. You know the Snowville gas station? It's about as big as that.

What do you do if you have extra money on your debit card at the end of a month?
I don't ever have extra money. I withdraw the 800 pesos immediately and use it as cash, because it's much safer that way, and much easier to keep track of.

Does the camera you have take video?
Yes, it does. I'm trying to make videos, but the problem is I can only upload files that are 25 MB or lower, and I don't know if the videos are bigger than that. Also, I can only take 10 minutes of video at a time, so that kinda puts a damper on things as well.

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