Monday, September 30, 2013

More Pictures!

 This of my District for the last time before we part ways. If I can remember I think it went like this: Elder Tunion (DL) Elder Ponce, Hermana Chavez, Hermana Maldonado, Elder Castenellos, and me. That's our entire district! Pretty small, but super cool. We all bonded really well together.

This transfer will be taking Elder Tunion and Elder Castenellos to a new District, but same area, Hermana Maldonado is staying in Otay, but Hermana Chavez is leaving to Mexicali (pienso, no seguro) and Elder Ponce and I are staying exactly the same. Elder Ponce is the new District Leader, and I am still going to be training, but we get another North American who's training! I'm so happy! Finally I can feel like I actually KNOW something!

Our new District will consist of: Elder Ponce and I, Elder Hernandez and his North American trainee, Hermana Maldonado and her companion.

This of me and my district standing outside McDonald's for breakfast. Really funny actually. They have NOTHING on the menu here for McDonald's, and they have stuff like a "McBurrito" or "McTaco". It's so funny.

This of some chocolate called Bocadin. It's super good. Kinda like Jet but with a wafer in the middle. ooohhhhh so good.

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