Monday, September 2, 2013


We are really anxious and excited to hear about the following things:

Q: How is your house?
A: My house is small, but it's enough. I wouldn't have it any other way. The less there is, the better. I want to focus on missionary work, not on whether or not my picture frames are sitting in the right place to increase the amount of fung shuei.

Q: Have you personally baptized anyone yet?
A: I personally baptized Jesyca and Emmanuel Merino Patino.

Q: Have you had to give a blessing in Spanish?
A: I haven't had to give a blessing, but I don't think we're allowed to. I'm not sure. I'll have to talk to Elder Ponce about it.

Q: Have you had to Confirm anyone yet?
Q: Have you had to speak in church yet?
A: Haven't had to speak in church, or confirm.

Q: How is your bed?
A: Bed is normal. Mattress, top bunk. Pretty normal.

Q: What do you eat?
A: I eat all kinds of stuff. In the morning though, I eat cereal, eggs, and sausage. I really like the cereal here because it's slightly behind American cereal. The cereal brand "Trix" is still in the shape of fruit here! It's so cool!

Q: Do you eat with members very often?
A: We eat with members every day at 2:00 for lunch. I've eaten Chicken, stir fry, Mole, and all sorts of stuff. But it's all SO good.

Q: Do you have a maid?  Do you wash your own clothes?
A: No maid. Washing clothes as I type in a laundromat.

Q: What strange or interesting things have you seen or done?
A: Strange or interesting? 1st: There are buses that drive around in routes, but they behave like taxis. You can be just walking along, and then if you wave one down, it stops and gets you. It stops for about 2 seconds though, and as soon as you get on, he hits the gas hard. It's pretty nuts. Mexicans are so good at driving, but crazy. 2nd: Dogs and Cats (of course) 3rd: Tijuana is a really dirty city. There's trash everywhere, but it's because there really isn't any public trash bins. People just steal them for some reason. So gum is just all over the sidewalks, and theres cups and straws and wrappers and whatever else you can think of lining the streets. But it's my home. :D

Q: Where do you go to church?  Is it a Ward or a Branch?
Q: What is Church Building like?
A: Church is at a chapel that's about a half a mile from our house. It's one floor, and it's built with the chapel on one end, and all the offices and classrooms on another, with a small hallway in between to connect them. It's pretty cool. Also, there are no pews. Just a bunch of chairs. Also a ward.

Q: When will the Tijuana Temple be built?  Do they have a date set yet for the Dedication?
A: The Temple is a very interesting topic to discuss.  About a week before I came here, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy visited Tijuana. He took a look around at the people and talked a little and surveyed the temple and stuff like that. Just generally to take a look at the situation.  The people here don't act like they want a Temple. Very little of them pay Tithing, go to church, or even read the scriptures at home. They are really just super lazy about church stuff. The Seventy said they may stop construction on the temple until the people in Tijuana show they really do want a temple here. I don't know if exactly there's a date or anything like that.

Q: Do you ride buses, ride bikes, walk, taxis?  How do you get around?
A: Walk and buses. That's about it. Walk and buses.

Q: How close are you to the boarder?
A: I'm actually about 2 miles from the border. I can see it from where we usually visit people.

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