Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello Family!

Okay, this week, I decided I was going to just think about a whole bunch of stuff that's different about here, write them down, and send you the things. Here they are:

1.) There are these people that get on the buses (cameons) and just perform. Tell jokes, play guitar, sing, sell candy, anything. They do this because everyone HAS to listen to them, and EVERYONE will be there listening. Then, they ask if anyone has money to give them or anything. It's really awkward to stand next to a guy who's singing with all of his gusto "La Bamba" on a bus.

2.) The fruit! OH MY GOODNESS THE FRUIT HERE IS AMAZING. Seriously, I even eat the BANANAS here they're so good. Everything is so rich and juicy! I'm not gonna buy fruit in the US anymore....

3.) SD card plan! I need to send the SD Card to you guys, but I can only take about 1 hour total of video, and about 10 minutes worth of video. I'll take videos once a week or so, and send the 6 videos to you guys. However,  I can't send packages to the US. Dunno why, but I can't. SO I'll send them in a letter to you and you guys take all the videos, COPY THEM. MAKE SURE THEY ARE COPIED, and then delete them. Then send me the SD Card once more and I can make more for you.

4.) General Conference is coming up, and I will have to listen to it in Spanish. I don't know if I'll be able to understand everything, so, is there some way you could send me a Liahona or Ensign in English with the General Conference talks so that I could have EVERYTHING they said, not just what I could grasp with my 3rd grade level Spanish?

5.) I want to put some stuff that people can relate to and find kinda funny, like dad, so here's something. We shake hands so many times a day. It's so ridiculous. We enter a home with 50 people. We will shake everyone's hand twice. 100 hand shakes. Oh my gosh. I hate shaking hands.

6.) When I arrived in Tijuana and I heard these Spanish people speaking Spanish, I thought they were talking about eloquent stuff, about how the world is slowly starting to go into an economic depression, and their theories on how we could try to correct the current situation and recalculate the economic indecency.

Nope. They talk about a kid sticking their finger up their nose or something like that. Just junk! It's like talking to normal people! What the heck?

Okay, so I've given you those things, and I'll just talk briefly about what happened today:

We went to the border to get our fingerprints taken for our Visas, and I got to meet up with Elder Hilton and Elder Kessinger!

It was so COOL! I got to speak with them about missionary work and how they were coming along with their investigators and stuff like that! It was amazing! My Spanish is the best out of the 3 of us, not trying to brag or anything. I didn't understand as much as Elder Kessinger, but I could speak more than he could, and more confidently. He caught my mistakes, but I MADE them. >:D

I managed to talk to Elder Hilton a little bit, and man. He and I have grown so much in the MONTH that we have here. It's ridiculous how much a mission is changing my life.

I know this is the work of the Lord, and that there is no other place I should be.

Family, I have heard many stories of relatives dying while someone is away on a mission, and I could not imagine that happening to me.

I say this too much, but it's because I will never be able to be the same if you aren't:


Please. It's the only thing I require of you (most of the time). I'm constantly praying for you. I cry sometimes because I think about what you guys do while I'm not around.

I will talk to you later.

Elder Carter

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