Monday, October 14, 2013


Do you guys get a phone to use in the mission?
Yes. Every companionship has one. Basically it's because Tijuana is really large, and to try to wait for emails takes forever, so phones are almost a necessity.

Do you ever sing for your investigators?
No. But to be honest, I haven't really had a chance. We've not had a single baptism since my first ones, and I don't even count them because I just showed up on the week of the baptism, so the other Elder taught them all and stuff.

What media do you use to help you teach the gospel?  VHS?  DVD's?
Zero. We don't use any because mostly we can just teach without it. Plus, it's kinda risky to carry around a DVD Player. (Most people are too poor to afford DVD Players)

It looks like you had your hair cut.  What that an interesting experience?
The only thing interesting about it was that the lady hand-shaved my sideburns and neck. Other than that, it was just generally the same. I managed to place a folleto.

Have you used the BofM reading charts?
Our 1st counseller already placed another one to everybody, so I haven't been able to place a single one to anyone. Hopefully in my next area. Could you send me a link or a place where I could print it off? That way I could have like, an infinite supply.

Gracias por su sabiduria sobre LdM. Estoy tratando, pero el problema es que cuando estoy leyendo, a veces no puedo entender muy bien, y es en la manana, entonces empezo a dormir. Para ayudarme, estoy leyendo en LdM primero y luego BoM. Entonces puedo entender MUCHO mejor lo que paso, y tambien entender las palabras dificiles.

Mi parrafo arriba parece muy bien, pero en verdad, toma mucho tiempo para pensar y escribir en espanol. Todo via es muy deficil hablar espanol.


Elder Carter

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